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Average Gym Membership Cost

Average Gym Membership Costs

The average gym membership costs between $40 and $50 a month. With the required initiation fee included, it can cost as much as $800 a year. It is estimated that individuals with gym memberships tend to overestimate their use of facilities by as much as 70%. The following statistics outlines average gym memberships with some cost effective ways to still get your workout for less.

Gym Membership Statistics

The following statistics are of individuals that carry gym memberships and what their typical demographic and trends say.

1. Average amount of times a gym member will visit: 2
2. Average monthly cost of a gym membership: $55
3. Average amount of money wasted from under utilization: $39
4. Percentage of people with memberships they never use: 67%
5. Percentage of personal training that takes place: 66%
6. Amount of people over the age of 55 with membership: 10.2 million
7. Total amount of memberships owned: 45.5 million
8. Total gym membership revenue: $19.1 billion
9. Percentage of gyms that offer discounts of some sort: 89%
10. Total industry growth in memberships: -16%

Tips for Choosing the Right Gym

A report performed on things to look for when choosing the right gym so you can receive the best results.

Alternative Gym Options

1. Use an on-campus gym if you are a student.
2. Ask for a deal for free upgrades or waived enrollment.
3. Know what you are paying for now in pricing options.

The Age of the Mobile Gym

More than 1 billion health related apps are downloaded each year. 1 in 5 smartphone users track their health through a mobile app with over half using their smartphone or tablet during a workout. This new age mobile gym has been changing trends on how people view and maintain their health.

Mobile Gym Statistics

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