27 Catchy Employee Recognition Slogans

The staff and employees that make up a business are the true back bone of it’s success. Showing them that you appreciate and recognize the work that they do and the loyalty that they have is a great way to motivate and increase morale in the workplace. Here are some great slogans for employee recognition that are sure to get your workers motivated.

A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way.
A Special Thanks To A Valued Employee
Best Staff Every!
Hats Off To Our Staff!
How Can We Show Our Thanks?
Our Employees Are The Best!
Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork.
Thank You For Working So Hard For Us And Our Clients.
Thank You For Your Countless Efforts And Relentless Determination.
Thanks For Being Awesome.
Thanks For Making Our Workplace Rock.
To The Customer YOU Are The Company.
Together Everyone Achieves More.
We Can’t Say Thank You Enough.
We Wouldn’t Be Whole Without You.
You Are A Shining Star.
You Are The Difference.
You Deserve A Pat On The Back.
You Make A Difference.
You Make Us Great.
You Top The Ranks, You Deserve Thanks.
You Work Amazes And Deserves Many Praises.
Your Boss Thinks You’re Kind Of A Big Deal.
Your Dedication and Service Is Appreciated.
Your Dedication Is So Meaningful To Us!
You are a Winner.
You’re The Best.

This cute video shows just why and how important recognizing your employees truly is. It is a vital key to running a successful company.