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125 Great Catchy Makeup Company Slogans

Makeup and makeup companies have been around for decades, if not centuries. It is an essential item for many woman all over the world. The industry has always been top notch and continues to gain ground. If you are starting your very own, unique, makeup company then branding your business is vital. Cosmetics is a highly competitive industry and having not only products that put your above the rest, but a brand as well. A Slogan is a good way to do this. Below is a list of some great, and some famous, make up company slogans to give you some inspiration for your own.

A butterfly will touch you.
A cut above the rest.
A lipstick with blusher brush.
A sexy woman shadow.
Affordable. Gorgeous and Beauty which you deserves.
Alive every moments.
All Ages, All Races, All Sexes.
All the taste of being a girl.
Always Make Room For a Little Beauty in Your Life.
Be natural, be beautiful, Be you.
Be you Everyday.
Be You(tiful).
Be your own kind of beautiful.
Beautiful Inside & Out.
Beautiful. Colorful. You.
Beauty beyond boundaries.
Beauty for tomorrow.
Beauty has a purpose and purpose is you.
Beauty is passion. For you?
Beauty is power.
Beauty is Whatever Brings Joy.
Beauty Lies Within.
Because you are beautiful.
Believe In Beauty.
Better Than Bare.
Better then Before.
Blend Beauty in You.
Blending is My Cardio.
Bring inner beauty out.
Bringing The Best To Everyone We Touch.
Color Your Life Beautiful.
Define your inner beauty.
Define yourself.
Definite Beauty Defining You.
Definitely stunning.
Does She… Or Doesn’t She?
Don’t Let Today Be a Waste of Make Up.
Dress your lips in BRAND.
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl.
Elegance In Every Way.
Elegance what you deserves.
Enhance your beautiful face with Color Swept.
Enhance Your Natural Beauty.
Every woman is beautiful, hide the ugly.
Everyday Is A Beauty Contest.
Experience the perfect.
Fabulous In Every Way.
FACE the Color.
Fit for your lifestyle.
Forever gorgeous.
Get down with a cleanup party!
Get Glam. Be Glamorous.
Glamour For Every Occasion.
Glamour Is a State of Mind.
Hide ugly. show only the beauty.
I Came. I Saw. I Contoured.
Imagine The Impossible.
Improve Your Selfies: See a Make-Up Artist.
It’s Not Easy Looking This Good.
Its all for being a girl.
Its miracle of beauty.
Its pleasure of elegance.
Just What You Need.
Just What You Think.
Just Wing It: Life, Eyeliner, Everything!
Kiss Your Thin Lips Goodbye!
Laughter Is The Best Cosmetic… So Grin And Wear It.
Let you speak the beauty.
Let’s be Beautiful. Be Colorful. and Be You.
Let’s being a glamorous gift.
Let’s Get Glam.
Life Isn’t Perfect, But Your Make Up Can Be.
Look Good. Feel Good.
Love the beauty.
Love the shine.
Luxurious Beauty.
Luxurious Lashes.
Luxurious Things.
Make it yours.
Make Up For Everyone.
Make Up For Your Alter Ego.
Makeup For All.
Makeup Inspired By You.
Makeup is Art. Beauty is Spirit.
Makeup to a twisting trend.
Making You A More Confident You.
Mascara Can’t Solve Problems, But It’s a Pretty Good Start.
May Your Day Be As Flawless As Your Make Up.
Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline.
Natural Beauty Enhancement.
Natural, Beautiful, You.
Non Conventional Beauty.
Not Every Artist Uses Paper.
Nothing more, nothing less don’t think too hard.
Nurture the nature beauty way.
Only The Best!
Outlines of beautiful face.
Own kind of beauty.
Professional Affordable Affordably Gorgeous.
Redefine beauty.
Reflections of Perfection.
Revitalize you every moments.
Revitalizing Beauty.
Shine the moments.
Shine them’ shoes, or be sure to lose!
Something for everyone.
The Beauty Authority.
The best you can be.
The Makeup of Makeup Artists.
The Red Carpet Authority.
Time to reveal yourself.
Time to treat your skin.
Timeless Beauty.
Timeless Charm. Timeless beauty.
Timeless Product. Timeless Beauty.
True taste of a Girl’s beauty.
Twist, Glide, Shine.
Unwind the beauty.
Wake Up & Make Up.
Wake Up and Make Up.
We Only Test On Party Animals.
You desire, we made it.
Your beauty is our profession.
Your secrets of beauty.

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