21 Good Catchy Bake Sale Slogans

Bake sales are done for many different reasons, typically for a charity or fundraising events. This is when people bring donated baked goods to sell in order to raise money for a cause. It can be a super fun way to get people involved for a great cause. Making posters and flyers to spread the word with a great slogan is the best way to get the hype about your bake sale going. Here are some great ideas!

A Bake Sale For The Animals!
Bake. Buy. Sell.
Baked With Love For A Cause.
Baking For Change.
Baking Up Some Love.
Beyond The Bake Sale.
Brownies of Love.
Cakes for Care.
Changing The World One Cookie At A Time.
Charity Cookies.
Eat Dessert First.
Eat Your Heart Out!
Ending Hunger One Treat At A Time.
Fighting Cancer With Love And Goodies!
Helping The World Through Baking.
Never Trust a Skinny Cook.
No Cookie Left Behind.
Sweet Treats To Treat Cancer.
Time for a Treat? Buy Something Sweet!
We Have Calories You Don’t Need For People Who Need Calories They Don’t Have.

Packaging is a super important part of a bake sale. The more appealing something looks the more likely it is to be bought. This video gives some wonderful ways to professionally package your delicious bake sale goodies.