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24 Ways to Outgrow Your Competitors


Knowledge and experience are the two most important strengths of an individual. Knowing and having practical experience of using that knowledge can make anyone successful, regardless of what one does, what industry one is in and what personal attributes one possesses.

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Reach Out to the Experts

There is also another reality, which is actually a truth. There are people who are more knowledgeable and experienced than you. There are people who are less knowledgeable and experienced than you. But the truth that should matter to you is that you are less knowledgeable and less experienced than you will be. Just as how you are more knowledgeable and more experienced than you were.

Once you accept this, you can set out on a journey of gaining more knowledge and acquiring more experience. 24 Ways To Outgrow & Outlearn Everyone You Know is a guide to help you get started and to show you the path which will lead you to become more experienced and learned than people you know and people you would have to deal with in your professional and personal life.

Focus on Your Niche

First, you must realize that you cannot be the master of everything. You cannot possibly be an expert economist, a jazz maestro and a nuclear physicist at the same time. You have to develop your knowledge in a niche. You can choose more than one subject or discipline but it is better if they are related in some way or the other. Economics and business management often go hand in hand. You must decide what you wish to learn. If you want to learn many things then prioritize them.

24 Ways To Outgrow & Outlearn Everyone You Know gives you a step by step guide that you must use as an approach to get started and to see through the whole process of gaining more knowledge and experience.

Continued Development

Once you choose to develop your knowledge in a certain niche or discipline, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and put to test the knowledge or skills you acquire. Knowledge that is unused or skills that are untested have very little significance in the real world. This is why experience trumps knowledge or learning any day, in any industry for any one.

Explore the steps discussed in the slideshow and you would become a master planner to become a more knowledgeable and experienced individual than you are now.

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