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6 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings


Dreaming is something that almost everyone has experienced during their lifetime. New research involving sleep studies even shows that it is possible to dream for every minute that you are sleeping. Since dreaming is such a common and time consuming part of our lives, what do these dreams actually mean? Here is some decoding of common dreams to help you sleep a little easier at night.

No Clothes

The most common dream that people report having involves being naked. Dreaming that you are naked in front of others can be very terrifying, but it has a deeper meaning. The significance of being without clothes, is a dream about being uncomfortable. This type of dream involves the fear of feeling out of place or caught off guard.

Running For Your Life

Most of us have had the common dream of running for safety, but we never quite see how it ends. Being chased is a common dream, but there are two main types of running dreams. You are either the one running after something or someone or you are the one being chased. Each of these running dreams has a different significance. If you are the one running away in your dream, it may signify that you are trying to avoid something in your life. In contrast, being the chaser means that you have goals and ambitions that you are looking to conquer.

What Flight?

Many of the dreams that you have stem from past experiences that caused you apprehension or anxiety. When you dream of missing a plane, this might signify that you feel you have lost out. You might feel that your chance to do something has passed you by. It is always more than just about missing a flight.

The Tooth Fairy

Losing a tooth is a dream that some people have experienced, but it is not incredibly common. This type of dream means that you feel you are not in control of eth things that scare you. When you have dreams that stir up bad feelings, you most likely are experiencing fears and anxiety in your life that is causing you to dream in a parallel.

Falling and Death

There is a longstanding theory in dream interpretation that falling and hitting the ground in your dream signifies that you will die in real life. However, there is not truth to this myth and falling simply means that you are losing control of something.

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