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Top 4 Halloween Fundraiser Ideas

Halloween is a great time of year. Not only are the leaves starting to fall off of the trees and the weather is getting cooler and cooler, but it is a time of year where everyone is able to be a kid. Costumes allow a person to be able to hide behind the monster that they always wanted to be and kids are roaming the streets asking for candy. This is a great time of year for communities and a great time to throw a fundraiser.

Halloween fundraiser ideas allow you to use the Halloween spirit to be able to raise funds for virtually any cause or need. Let’s look at a few great Halloween fundraising ideas that will surely be a blast.

Costume Party

There are always people that want to have the absolute best costume in town. A costume party is a great way to get people into the Halloween spirit and really see who is competitive. Adults are always a sucker when it comes to these parties because they want to show everyone just how great their costumes are.

These parties are a blast and you can throw one with a minimal effort. The following checklist will help you prepare for the event.

• Hold the party at a local venue that has donated the space for your cause.
• Charge attendees an entry fee, or have them bring a dish to serve for free entry.
• Prepare a list of items that people can bring to the event.
• During the event, promote your cause and ask for donations.

Now, you will have a platform that allows everyone to have an immense amount of fun and donate at the same time. Oftentimes, these costume parties will also have a costume contest where one person will be voted for their amazing costume. This can be a yearly event that is held every year on the same date. This allows for future parties to be thrown and much less advertising will be needed.

House of Horrors

A house of horrors is a great attention grabber and one that will be meant for teens and adults. This is the same thing as a haunted house where people are able to walk through and have a delightfully horrifying time.

The goal is to charge an entry fee and to setup your house of horrors to your liking. Since everyone has their own idea of what horror is, there is no one right way to open a house of horrors. However, the following list will have you ready to go in no time.

• Spooky music is a plus. Remember, anything that is frightful and gives people chills is definitely a must.
• Be creative and include blood, fake brains, people jumping out of closets, very little lighting and anything else that you find spooky and scary.
• Have a person dressed up in costumes that will scare anyone that is going through the house.
• Include any mechanical, frightening items that you can find. You can often rent these items at party stores. Skeletons that jump out of coffins or moving spiders are a great addition to any house of horrors.

The scarier and more exotic the event, the more people will be referred to the scariest house of horrors on the block. If possible, hold this event every weekend for a month to bring in a lot of donations.

Haunted Hay Ride

Haunted hay rides are just like a house of horrors, but they take place outside. Scary music, stories and monsters jumping out of the woods to chase the hay ride are always great additions. The secret to an amazing hay ride is the ability to sneak up on the attendees and scare the life out of them.

These hayrides should take place at a park and they will definitely need a lot of promotion. At the end of the ride, concession stands should be setup so that any attendees are able to buy food and drinks on their way out.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkins are a great way to raise fundraisers. Since pumpkins are cheap, this is a great opportunity to raise funds without having to spend a lot of money in the process. Participating with a local pumpkin patch is advised as they may donate the pumpkins or offer a bulk discount in lieu of some free promotion.

Now, the contest should be held in the evening hours when the sun is still up. The goal is to let the best carvers show off their talents and to choose an ultimate winner. This is best done when the sun is going down and everyone can see how the pumpkin looks when candles have been placed inside.

Now, the winner can be given a prize, title or they can even be given half of the proceeds received from viewers. The best part is that concession stands can be setup and you can even have sponsors that will pay a small fee for advertising.

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