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Review of the Mooyah Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

The classic American evening meal has been a burger, some fries, and a shake throughout the generations. It is the classic place to take a date, bring the family, or just have a quick bite to eat when running solo. You can get these things at a number of quick service locations, but nothing really compares to the experience people receive when they eat a Mooyah burger. It is such a great experience, in fact, that this franchise opportunity is one of the best burger franchise opportunities that is available today.

It is a young franchise opportunity compared to other established quick service burger options, but that is an advantage. The focus that Mooyah has with each franchisee is simple: provide a superior level of customer service while providing a better burger than the established fast food brands on the market today. In doing so, the experience you’ll provide as a franchisee helps to build relationships as you cure hunger pains, one customer at a time.

What Are the Initial Costs of This Franchise?

Your journey toward becoming a Mooyah franchisee begins with an initial franchise fee of $30k. This fee is reduced to $20k if you’re interested in becoming a multi-unit franchisee. Instead of paying other needed investments directly to the organization, however, you’ll end up having additional set-up costs that are paid to suppliers that work closely with Mooyah. For the build-out requirements of your franchise agreement, for example, you’ll be paying the suppliers of the furniture and fixtures that Mooyah mandates rather than pay the organization yourself.

Your point of sale equipment costs are expected to be at least $12k and these costs are mandatory to the suppliers who provide a specific POS that is mandated by Mooyah. This includes computer hardware, software, and the estimated set-up fee that comes with this equipment. One of the unique aspects of this organization is that customers can order their food online and then come pick it up at their convenience, which provides another level of revenues for your location. The POS also accepts orders placed via SMS text for a unique option as well.

There are also promotional expenses that are mandatory when it comes the grand opening of your new franchise. It must be carried out within 4 weeks of the grand opening date and follow the specific instructions that are provided by Mooyah. Your advertising, media requests, and promotional methods must all be approved by the home organization and there is a requirement that this requirement can be completed by Mooyah at franchisee expense.

From an overall financial picture, you’ll need a net worth minimum of $500k to qualify for a franchise. You’ll also need $200k of liquid capital and these requirements are per unit, not from an overall perspective. That means 3 unites would require a net worth of $1.5 million. The total royalties that are due to the organization are 10% on gross sales and that is broken down under the following structure:

• A 6% royalty goes directly to the organization itself.
• A 3% royalty is sent directly to advertising efforts.
• A 1% royalty goes to your local store’s marketing costs.

What Kind of Support Do You Receive?

As an organization, Mooyah really makes an investment into the success of their franchisees. It begins will providing innovative, cutting-edge menu items that will drive customer desires. You’ll also receive all of the PR needs you need for your grand opening and other events that will likely be published by local media through a press release. There’s social media awareness, community fundraising events, and other outreach opportunities that Mooyah will help to organize on your behalf.

People tend to eat with their eyes more than anything else initially, so you also gain access to professional food photography for your advertising and marketing materials as a franchisee to create stunning slicks that will drive traffic. There are loyalty programs in place on a national level that will help to support your growth and ongoing promotions that include charitable events will further increase your local exposure.

You’ll also get help that goes beyond the basics. Once your franchise is up and running, Mooyah provides each franchisee with a business consultant who has one main objective: to help each franchisee can find better efficiencies to improve profitability. There’s also:

• Project management assistance.
• Interactive management training that begins with 3 weeks at Mooyah’s corporate offices.
• Real estate selection assistance that will help you examine the demographics of your local population and the psychology of local traffic patterns.

Is Mooyah the Right Investment To Make?

Taking a person-centered approach, Mooyah makes an effort to change the better burger model of franchising into one the emphasizes the quality of the service along with the quality of the food. That’s why they take the approach of one burger, one fry, and one shake at a time. In this way, each customer will be given the highest of priorities and each item that comes out of the kitchen will be expected to meet the highest of standards.

If you believe in this kind of franchising model, then an investment into Mooyah to become a franchisee might make sense for you. If you’ve got experience running a restaurant, have been involved in the food industry, or you just have a successful track record for business and leadership, then this organization is looking for you to get involved. Anyone can sell a hamburger, but not everyone can provide the Mooyah experience.

The journey starts with a conversation about whom you are and where you’d like to take your business plan with this franchise opportunity. If you qualify financially, the next steps include getting to know the Mooyah team, getting involved with the training process, and learning what a world class experience means to this organization. The opportunity that this organization provides is pretty amazing, so it is definitely worth a second and even third look from an investment perspective.

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