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5 Urban Outfitters Competitors

Urban Outfitters is a modern clothing retail organization that features unique styles, comfortable fashion, and cutting edge design. To limit their description to clothing retail doesn’t really do this organization justice, however, as they have also expanded into various apartment interior niches to provide a wider range of products to serve today’s urban dweller. A select line of beauty products is also available for consideration in men’s and women’s needs.

Do you want to have a unique style, but don’t want to pay the cost you might find at Urban Outfitters? Then here are some alternatives to consider as you gear up for the next season!

American Apparel – https://www.americanapparel.net/

If you really love the look of Urban Outfitters, but just aren’t willing to pay their prices, then this competitor is usually the first place to turn in your shopping quest. You won’t find the extensive interior design or beauty products here, but you will find fashion that is approached in a similar way. Clean, simple lines initially create an almost plain look until you begin to put together your preferences in a unique way. Best of all, many of the fashion items look very similar.

American Apparel

Fab – https://fab.com/

If you enjoy the quirkiness that Urban Outfitters provides to customers and want that unique expression in your fashion, then you’ll enjoy this competitor to Urban Outfitters. You’ll find a lot of fun accessories to browse through in this online store, some additional home accessories, and graphic t-shirts that will help to express a specific thought to the world at large. Even if you just like shopping for knick-knacks, you’ll find a lot of cool stuff right here.


Crate & Barrel – https://www.crateandbarrel.com/

To be fair, where you’ll want to shop is with CB2, not the primary home store. They’re more concerned about interior design and functionality with a very reduced emphasis on clothing. You’ll find an expanded collection of furniture, curtains, clocks, and even wallpaper through this outlet that will give your pad a modern look without making you live paycheck to paycheck in order to receive it. With low flat shipping fees, you’re bound to get a great deal!

Crate and Barrel

ModCloth – https://www.modcloth.com/

If you love a good sale, then you’ll love what ModCloth can provide you. This organization also provides a similar style to Urban Outfitters and you’ll have the wide range of products that is available. There is, however, more of an emphasis on the shabby chic, vintage look through ModCloth and even with a good sale, you’ll still pay a premium price at this competitor for the fashion you want.


Dot and Bo – https://www.dotandbo.com/

If you want an expanded line of furniture and accessories to browse through, then Dot and Bo is the place to go. With fair prices and a 14 day guarantee, you’ve got very usable items that you’ll really enjoy putting into your home. The one downside to this store is that to shop online, you’ve either got to give them your e-mail address or log-in through your Facebook profile to access the inventory pages – there’s not way to just shop without an account.

Dot and Bo

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