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17 Triggers to Get You in the Flow

Consciousness is an aware state of mind. When you are awake, you understand where you are, what you are doing, the realization of space and time along with your surroundings and thought process, the processing of all tangible and intangible realities around you, can all be summed up as consciousness. The optimum state of consciousness is one where you can do something most efficiently and can scale heights that you didn’t think you could.

The below infographic analyzes the motivational rate of employees and benefits in productivity and revenue gained through engaging your employees.

Motivating Your Sales Team

In other words, the optimum state of consciousness is when you are at your best in whatever you do. Your mind is lucid as to what it is trying to do and vying to accomplish. You have your mind, body and state of affairs so sorted out that you don’t have any hindrances from these aspects which may come in the way of accomplishing what you have set out for.

How Getting in the Flow Works

Millions of people in the world experience the state of ‘flow’. It is a phase when your mind is at rest and completely focused at what you are doing, your immediate surroundings are conducive to what you are doing and your body complements the whole setting and you excel at your task. That task may be as mundane as bookkeeping or as adventurous as skydiving. Flow is a state that every individual should try to achieve to accomplish the best results, in any line of work or any niche.

17 Flow Triggers For Optimum State Of Consciousness introduces you to the factors that affect the flow and the zone. The zone is the setting where you are in when you get the flow or achieve the flow. The slideshow would introduce you to the psychological elements, the environmental factors, the social influencers and creative attributes which all come together to create the ideal setting or the zone for the optimum state of consciousness or flow.

Psychological elements albeit play a pivotal role because unless you can manage to conceive the flow in your mind, your body or the world outside will not be able to manifest it in any way. The environment is also crucial because it is where you are and that is what will influence every step of your approach. Social factors are the most diverse and thus the most in number. Creativity is also key to the flow because you ought to be driven by a penchant than just a ballpark target.

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