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11 Different Ways to Tie a Scarf


There is no one way to do anything and when it comes to scarf tying this saying is perfect. A scarf can be the final piece to any outfit and help to pull the entire look together, but how should you tie it? There are many different ways to tie a scarf and it can change your entire look. Scarf tying is made easy by the guide below. Now you can look your best and feel both sophisticated and dapper.

The Drape

The draped scarf is the most effortless look and the easiest to achieve. It really does not require scarf tying skills, because you simply drape the scarf over your jacket or shirt. This look is perfect for mid-length scarfs and is best for cool weather that is not too chilly. You will look stylish and laid back with draped scarf style.

Once Around

It really is all in the name when it comes to scarf tying. The once around scarf style is simply pulling the scarf around only once. Just like the drape scarf style, this look is best for cool weather and medium length scarfs. The scarf is not tight around your neck and offers a more relaxed fit.

Over Hand

This scarf tying technique involves bringing the scarf over and under your hand once. It takes a few tries to master this scarf tying method, but you will most likely get the hang of it quickly.

The Chest Warmer

This scarf tying method is something that you have probably never tried before. It is perfect for men wearing a full suit and adds another dimension to your look. You start with the scarf draped around your neck and arrange for a cross at the stomach and tie at the back. This only looks good when covered with a jacket.

Reverse Drape

Who wants to always look ordinary? The reverse drape scarf tie is for more adventurous guys looking to create a unique style. This scarf tying technique is a lot like the drape, but just involves angling the scarf to your back. This gives you full coverage on your neck and a cool style from the back.

The Fake Knot

Tying a scarf is a lot like tying your tie, but the fake not is the tying technique that is most similar. Knotting your scarf will only cause problems, but the fake knot is easy and effortless to undo.

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