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6 Great DIY Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising does not have to be done by a group of people to be a success. In fact, there are many great fundraising ideas that can be done by a lone person. While you may not be able to bring in as many donations as a large group of people, DIY fundraising ideas are able to be a great success and every last dollar counts when raising money for a cause.

The following 6 DIY fundraising ideas are unique and always draw in donations.

1. Community Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way to get rid of all of your old, unused items. Anyone that has been a part of a yard sale will know that this is a great idea that will fetch pure profits without any overhead. When you can bring together an entire community, it is even better.

The goal is to ask all of your neighbors if they are willing to donate items to your yard sale and split the proceeds with half of the money going to your fundraiser. The best part is that neighbors will not have to do any of the work, and they will often gift these items to you.

Start by posting fliers around town and of course outside of your neighborhood.

2. 50/50 Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is a great opportunity to bring in money. The best part is that these raffles do not need to include anything but money. If you have a local fair or adventure park that brings in a lot of people, you can easily throw a raffle, with permission, that will be a huge success.

Charge every entry a small fee, a dollar is usually sufficient, for a raffle ticket. Now, sit back and wait while people line up to participate. Once complete, you will draw the winning ticket in front of the crowd and split the proceeds 50/50. If this is done at a fair or a popular place, you can expect to bring in hundreds of dollars with minimal effort.

3. Pie Eating Contest

Pie eating contests are still very lucrative and a fan favorite amongst donors, but they are not often seen. A few years ago, these contests were the talk of the town. The best part is that you can have everything donated for the cause and pie eating contests practically sell themselves.

• Ask local bakeries if they are willing to donate any items that they have not been able to sell.
• Hold the contest at a local firehouse or park where everyone can participate.
• Charge an entry fee.
• Solicit local businesses for sponsorships.

The winner will be given the title of the best pie eater in town and everyone will be aware of your fundraiser purpose. By holding these contests yearly, you will be able to build on past success.

4. Community Babysitter Raffle

Neighbors and the local community will often want a way in which they can be free for a night of fun, dancing or simply going to the movies. While this is a breeze for the single person, it is immensely difficult for those that have children.

Running a raffle where you will babysit for a certain number of families is a great way to bring in donations. This will allow you to be able to charge people $5 per raffle ticket and announce your raffle to the entire town. You will be surprised as to how many people will join the raffle in hopes of having a night away from the kids.

This must obviously be done by an adult or someone that is able to be responsible for the children that they babysit.

5. Good Old Can Soliciting

There is no shame in holding a can and asking for donations for your cause. This is the old fashion way of doing things and it works extremely well each and every time. The only difficulty is getting the initial permission from a large grocery store or place where there is a lot of foot traffic to be able to ask for donations.

This can be done by:
• Visiting potential places to solicit during the weekend.
• Asking management if you would be allowed to solicit for your cause.

Now, simply sit outside during the weekend with a sign that explains your cause and a donation bucket. This may not be the most fun idea, but it is one that works time and time again.

6. Talent Sale

Every person has a talent which is unique to them. Some people work in computer repair and can offer their services and others are very good cooks. Use your unique talent to be able to raise funds for your fundraiser.

The goal is to pick something that you enjoy and promote your talent in any way that you can. Freelance online, offer your services to neighbors and put up fliers around town. By selling your talents for your cause, you can make a lot of money while helping others in the process.

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