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23 Pinterest Image Optimization and SEO Pinning Tips

23 Pinterest Image Optimization and SEO Pinning Tips

10 Pinterest Image Optimization Tips

Pinterest is a very useful and effective image sharing platform. With the main focus being the images themselves; it is more important than any other site to really optimize your images for maximum impact. Here are some useful tips to improve the effectiveness of your images.

1. Upload. Make sure you upload your own unique images at least some of the times. Re-pinning other images can be useful, but much less likely to go viral.

2. Naming. The file name of the image should contain your target keyword or phrase. Make it relevant and specific to your niche.

3. Pinning. Pin from lots of different sources instead of just one specific site. You need some variety when re-pinning, liking or commenting.

4. Links. After an image is uploaded, edit it to add your own link. By default there is no link, so don’t lose a great opportunity to gain more traffic.

5. Descriptions. A Pinterest description can be up to 500 characters, but a very long description will end up annoying users as it can mess up the look of their grid. Keep descriptions short and to the point. You can add more info in the comments sections instead.

6. Research. Look around on Pinterest to see what catches your eye. Understanding what content is compelling and engaging is the best way of increasing followers.

7. Socialize. Remember that Pinterest is mainly a social media site, so don’t treat it exclusively as an advertising platform. Like, comment and re-pin images from other people.

8. Boards. Create lots of different boards on a variety of specific topics. Each one should be named with well targeted keywords to increase number of views and pins.

9. Sharing. Add follow and pin buttons to your websites. Make it as easy as possible for users to share your content.

10. Branding. Be yourself and represent your brand in a genuine manner. Find the unique voice that captures the essence of your brand.

Even More Pinterest Tips

• Videos can also be pinned to Pinterest, though only YouTube videos can be embedded to be watched directly on the site.
• The typical e-commerce image that is around 300 pixels wide is too small to be pinned, so start using higher quality images.
• The maximum horizontal width of a picture can be 554 pixels, and any image that is wider will be resized. There is no limit to the vertical size.
• A good rule of thumb is to limit your image length to 5,000 pixels. If someone is forced to scroll down to see the rest of the image, it is less likely they will bother to scroll back to like or re-pin it.
• Pinterest is a visual platform, so be sure your images are beautiful and of the highest quality.

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