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Guidelines on How to Run the Perfect Facebook Contest App

Guidelines on How to Run the Perfect Facebook Contest App

The Main Elements of a Perfect Facebook Contest App

Creating an engaging and successful Facebook contest app is as much an art as it is a science. Read on to learn the key features of a top performing contest.

Interesting and Descriptive Headline

The headline should both inform and entertain the reader. They need understand exactly what the contest is about and it needs to sound exciting. Make it catchy and concise. Format it with a large and bold text, and make the color different from the rest of the text.

Explain Contest with Image or Video

Use a video or image to showcase the great prize on offer or to show what the contest is all about. If a video is used, make sure it is high quality and has good audio and lighting. The video should explain the rules of the contest, discuss how the winner is chosen, and show off the prize.

List the Contest Rules

Make an easy to read list with bullet points to clearly explain the rules of the contest. Restrictions such as minimum age and country of residence should be stated, as well as any other requirements such as liking the Facebook Page to be eligible.

Describe the Prize

Describe the details of the prize and make is enticing to the reader. Talk about the features, cash value, exclusivity, or any other exciting benefits.

Start and End Dates

Don’t forget to include the date the contest will begin and when it ends. Create a sense of urgency so the user is motivated to enter as soon as possible.

Login with Facebook

Be sure to include a “Login with Facebook” button that auto fills the name of the user who wants to enter the contest. This speeds up registration and eliminates duplicate entries.

Contact Information

Create entry boxes to collect contact information from the entrants, and allow you to contact the winner outside of Facebook. This can include one or more of the following: phone number, email address and mailing address.

Confirm User Agreement

Include a checkbox that a user must tick to confirm they agree to the rules of the contest. This protects your business from any potential disputes.

Spam Disclaimer

As the entrant is sending their contact details, include a small “We will not spam you” disclaimer. This will help reduce an entrants concern about handing out their information.

Facebook Disclaimer

Also include a disclaimer that states your contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook. You must include this as it is a Facebook requirement.

Share with Friend

Allow the contest app to be easily shared amongst friends with a convenient click of a button. This would allow someone to post the contest announcement on their own Timeline.

More Social Sharing

Include additional icons for social media sites, so people can “Tweet” it on Twitter or “Pin it” on Pinterest. This will expand your contest reach to other online communities.

Promote the Facebook Contest App

Now that you have the perfect contest app, it is time to promote it and get people excited to enter. Some top promotional methods include:

• Make a Facebook announcement
• Remind Users in multiple Posts
• A well designed app thumbnail, prominently displayed on your page
• Write a blog post talking about your contest
• Promote the contest in a newsletter to your email subscribers
• Drive even more traffic by investing in Facebook advertising

Follow these tips and your contest will become a success.

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