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How to Use Instagram for Businesses and Companies

How to Use Instagram for Businesses and Companies

5 Ways to Rock Instagram for you Business

Photo sharing is big. In fact it is huge, since Facebook acquired Instagram for a massive 1 billion dollar buyout. As one of the top photo sharing services on the market, the value of Instagram to marketers and businesses cannot be underestimated. Read on to learn 5 top tactics to Instagram success.

1. Promote Products

New products and offers can be promoted, but should be done carefully to avoid spamming users. Starbucks successfully promoted the launch of its first venture into expanding to Disneyland theme parks.

2. Feature Customers

Appeal to the customer’s sense of vanity by taking their input and using that as part of your Instagram campaign. There are many creative ways of using this method, from showing your customers using your products or asking for creative user contributions. Sharpie has been regularly featuring some of the best sketches drawn by its customers on its Instagram page.

3. Behind the Scenes

Showing a glimpse behind the scenes of the business is a great way of creating a closer connection with fans and followers. A good example of this is a Tiffany artist was photographed painting the backdrop in the lead up to the new Fifth Avenue store opening.

4. Charitable Work

Highlight the charitable side of the business to improve the perception of your brand. Levis promoted the charitable work that its employees were carrying out on their day off, to show a different side to the company.

5. Themed Contest

Holding a Instagram photo contest with an interesting theme can really generate a lot of interaction and engagement with fans. For example, the San Diego Zoo hosted a contest that encourages fans to hashtag photos of them enjoying their time in the zoo. This type of competition will create a buzz in all the various social networks and bring with it a flood of traffic and new prospects.

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