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16 Best Funeral Home Marketing Ideas

Some might say that marketing a funeral home is a waste of time because people will stop by when they have a need for your services. That might be true in small communities where your business is someone’s only option, but what about large communities that have multiple service providers? You need to have the quality of your compassion, service, and even pricing structure stand out from the competition.

It begins with the quality of your facilities. If your funeral home can host services, has land for burials, or has partnerships with cemeteries so that grieving families can quickly access a burial plot when the unexpected happens, you’ll quickly gain the reputation of a business that can help a family in need, no matter what that need might be.

Great Funeral Home Marketing Ideas

1. Tell Your Story
Stories are what sell services in this industry and you’ve got a good medium to share your best stories with a blog. Talk about the great experiences, get testimonials from the family if they feel up to it, and you’ll be able to highlight the value that you’re able to provide.

2. Provide Value
You don’t have to focus on what you do in order to provide value to your local community. Use your blog to share touching stories of long-lasting relationships, incredible events, or unique thoughts that will make people think about their own lives in some way to engage people and get them thinking about you every week because of these good memories.

3. Have a Concise FAQ
Families who are in grief don’t generally want to talk with someone, so make sure your FAQ page goes through what they can expect with your funeral home step-by-step. That way, when they’re ready, you’ll be ready to serve them as well.

4. Engage Your Audience
Videos are a great way to engage your audience because they’ll get to see a real life version of who you are or the families that you’ve served. Interviews, inspirational videos, or even humorous videos where you don’t take yourself as seriously as people might think can all be effective. If you use Vine, then your video is only 6 seconds long, but it can be repeatedly shared.

5. Relate to the News
One of the most useful online marketing techniques right now is newsjacking and it can quickly go viral when it is done right. Trending news hits many news feeds on social media and a quick search will bring up your post. Of course don’t newsjack a tragedy! Keep it light and fun and you might just get some extra free attention.

6. Be Personal
Funeral homes still need to engage in relationships, so be personal with your marketing content so people can become comfortable with who you are. When they know you, they’re more likely to do business with you when they have a need.

7. Top Lists Drive Traffic
Pillar content is essential for today’s websites and nothing speaks to core content like a top list. Create a Best Of list of whatever relates to your business, from products you represent to the things people may need to have a memorial service go off without a hitch. This content provides timeless value, so take time to write it up once and then don’t be afraid to update it once and awhile so it always stays current.

8. Get Yourself On Quora
There are a lot of question websites on the internet today so spend some time setting up an account and answering questions for free. You might not get immediate business, but you’ll create an excellent online reputation that will pay off for years to come.

9. Use Infographics
Infographics are a hot marketing item right now because they provide detailed data about specific subjects in an easy to digest way. Pick a subject, create an infographic that gives statistics or details that people need to know, and then share it on your blog and across social media.

10. Host Other Events
Just because you’re a funeral home doesn’t mean you can’t hose other events for people who have a need. Anniversaries, birthdays, and even weddings can be celebrated in your facilities when they’re marketed correctly.

11. Make Extra Use of Your Outdoor Space
Many funeral homes have extensive grounds that are meticulously maintained and this gives you the chance to host a number of outdoor events throughout the year. Bonfires, fireworks, and even camp outs can all become another way to generate awareness of your services.

12. Create an Award
There are a lot of good people doing good work in your community and they deserve to be recognized. Create a monthly or annual award that recognizes these efforts and you’ll create a dual opportunity to recognize the best while promoting your business name as well.

13. Be Where the People Are
To be part of a community means to participate in the community, so be where the people are. Participate in community festivals, get into the 5k runs, and sponsor youth soccer or Little Big Baseball. You’ll build relationships and become a foundation upon which people can rely.

14. Have Branded Giveaways
Funeral home t-shirts might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a branded frisbee or other promotional item that people can use might be. Free items that solve a problem are the best to find, even if that happens to be just a package of hot chocolate.

15. Speak At Community Events
When you’re out in your community, then you’re out where people can know you. Use community events to speak about your profession, not the services you provide, as a way to take about the care and compassion that goes into the work that you do on behalf of grieving families.

16. Write a Newspaper Column
Newspapers are always looking for free quality content, which gives you an outlet to talk about who you are and what you do. Give tips about pre-planning, how to handle an emergency, and other items of interest to your local community to keep awareness levels high.

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