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How to Read Body Language


Image is everything. That is a simple truth. But it is not a fashionable image, a perceived image or a pseudo image that we are talking about here. It is not the image you have sporting the finest attire, the most fascinating pair of shoes and having an aura around yourself. It is the image of your body language. You may or may not realize but you have a certain body language at every living moment of your life. Whether you are at work or at a concert, whether you are eating or sleeping, having fun or feeling distressed, you will have a body language. You may be conscious of this image of yours or you may be completely oblivious to how your image is being seen, perceived and understood by others.

Image is everything as it affects people around you. It shows how you are, what you are doing and even what your mindset is. An image can express to others what you don’t want to express verbally. In reality, humans don’t communicate using language most of the times. It is the body language, gestures and voices which are not exactly words or a language that humans use most of the time. The voices which are not words or a language are actually verbal or vocal gestures.

The right body language can help you to close deals. You can present yourself as a confident person with a purpose. Your body language will determine how others look at you and how they approach or react to your presence. The wrong body language can send a completely different signal than what you intend to. You can ruin deals, disappoint people, make yourself a subject of ridicule and might not be able to achieve what you have set out for in the first place.

To have a proper image that you desire, you need to be aware of the secrets of body language. Unless you know what posture, what positions of your hands and legs, your facial expressions and what kind of verbal tones you are indulging in and what they imply, you cannot really rectify them to have the desired impact.

In the info-graphic, titled ‘Image Is Everything – The Secrets Of Body Language’, you would get to explore different aspects of your image as it is and as is being perceived by others.

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