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Review of the Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Whether you’re just getting started with your entrepreneurial career or you’ve got a solid, proven business background, Vanguard Cleaning Systems offers an exciting franchisee opportunity that could bring in another level of revenue. With over ten thousands commercial cleaning accounts right now, you can become a unit or master franchisee to begin developing your own cleaning business. Franchises can be run from a home office; you can develop your own work, and create a good living based on what your strengths happen to be.

Are you ready to begin a new career in the janitorial business? Is it time to become your own boss so your wealth isn’t dictated by the demands of others? Then you’re going to want to take a look at this surprisingly affordable franchise opportunity right now.

What Are the Initial Costs of This Investment Opportunity?

If you’re just wanting to utilize the proprietary pricing and cleaning system of this organization for your own business that you run yourself, then a unit franchise opportunity is likely the best option for you. Franchise costs under the unit model begin with the $8,550 franchise fee and include any equipment you may need to secure a contract. The franchise fee has in-house financing options to create a fast way to get into business and you only need $2,500 in liquid cash available at any given point to qualify.

If you’re looking to hit the ground running and you’ve got some business experience backing you up, then you may wish to pursue a master franchise opportunity. This will give you more development opportunities so you can increase your level of profitability. The maximum franchise fee in this model is $32k, with a high-end total investment estimated at just $35k. You’ll need an equal amount of cash liquidity to qualify for a master franchise opportunity, but in return you’ll receive proprietary software and marketing materials to get your new regional office ready to grow from Day 1.

Both franchise models have a 10% ongoing royalty fee to pay for the right to utilize the Vanguard name. In return, franchisees are joining a consistent Top 25 franchise. Additional discounts may be available for qualifying veterans who are looking to start their own business as well. The reality of this investment opportunity is that with your next paycheck, you could potentially become your own boss.

What’s the Difference Between These Two Franchises?

The unit franchise is for the investor who wants to do the janitorial work on their own. These franchise opportunities are handed out to one and two person cleaning teams that will service commercial properties based on the contract terms that are signed. You’ll be handling the day-to-day needs of each client using Vanguard.

The master franchise is for the person who doesn’t want to serve as the front-line cleaner, but still wants to get involved with the corporation. They’ll be responsible for developing janitorial contracts for the unit franchisees, recruiting new unit franchisees, and provide the general administrative support that everyone in the region needs including AP/AR, customer service, and limited training programs as well.

In either case, it is a good chance to become an investor and operator to work on maximizing your personal success. A Vanguard franchise is not currently available in North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, or Minnesota.

What Kind of Training and Support Is Provided?

The janitorial business is a tough one because you never hear the good things that get done, but you always hear about the places that got missed for some reason. Vanguard has developed a strong reputation in this industry because their training program helps produce a consistent, reliable outcome from each franchisee. It begins with developing best practices in the actual cleaning skills that are needed, while practicing customer service situations to make sure there is a level of comfort available to each franchisee.

It begins with the initial program that is provided at the regional office. Instructors will go over best practices in all areas to make sure everyone has the chance to operate at peak efficiency. A number of programs are computer-based to help facilitate this process, while ongoing classes help to refresh skills and introduce franchisees to new methods of providing contract services.

Why Choose Vanguard Cleaning Systems?

The janitorial business isn’t completely recession-proof, but it is about as close as you’re going to get for a franchise investment opportunity. Customers aren’t going to frequent a business that doesn’t provide a clean, healthy environment where business can be conducted. Businesses also tend to avoid hiring their own janitorial staff because of the insurance risks that are involved in doing so. Janitors are exposed to a number of chemicals and hazards that the average employee in the average business doesn’t face.

By hiring a unit franchisee to do the cleaning work for them, a business will get the clean environment they need without spending as much as would be required to do so in-house. In return, you get to be your own boss, work at your own pace, and never have to worry about some supervisor peering over your shoulder to micromanage your cleaning work.

The business model also encourages a quality service because franchisees are monetarily invested in their own success. With a locked-in long-term contract, a typical janitorial business has no real motivation to provide a quality result with 100% implementation. That’s where you’ll have an advantage here, no matter which type of investment you decide to make.

If you have a passion for cleaning or you have a passion for developing contracts to help bring about a level of mutual success, then Vanguard Cleaning Systems is an investment worth considering. The financial risks are low, the profit margins are potentially high, and you can finally step out of the corporate world to become your own boss and earn what you know you’re worth.

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