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15 Jewelry Marketing Ideas

Do you sell jewelry? Are you trying to enter new markets and finding that you’re not having a lot of success. The quality and beauty of your jewelry will always be the best marketing that you can give yourself, but it can’t be the only thing you do. These essential marketing ideas will help your creations get noticed by more people, hopefully drive up sales for you, and create new streams of revenue that will help potentially turn a hobby into a full-time job.

It all starts by knowing what the needs of your targeted population groups happen to be. If you are creating jewelry that people aren’t going to wear, then you’re not going to get any sales. It doesn’t matter if it is stunningly beautiful because the need is about functionality, not your person vision of beauty.

Great Jewelry Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

1. Loan Out Your Pieces
People want to wear jewelry that others are wearing, so loan out your pieces as much as you can to get exposure. You’ll meet a need [free jewelry for a specific occasion] and get something critical back in return – eyes on your creativity.

2. Stand Behind Your Work
The longer the guarantee you offer, the more likely someone will be tempted to buy an item because a lengthy warranty speaks of confidence and a quality reputation. Fix items that need repair, replace items that fail, and you’ll develop a sterling reputation that will have people look at your jewelry before they go anywhere else.

3. Master Your SEO
Search engine results can drive a lot of natural traffic to your website without much money invested if you do the work on your own. Optimize your pages and it will begin to work wonders for you that you never could imagine right now.

4. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Social media is a great place for pictures to be shared and your jewelry should be on there as well. Take photographs of your completed work, but better yet – take pictures of you creating pieces so that your potential customers can see some of the behind-the scenes process that is going on with your business.

5. Show Off the Details
Jewelry that looks magnificent up close will look gorgeous from far away, but the rule isn’t necessarily true in reverse. Take extreme close-up images of your jewelry to show off the quality of the materials that you use and then compliment these photos with images of people wearing your products in natural settings. These images can even be used for PPC campaigns if you wish to go down that avenue.

6. Make the Most of Every Opportunity
Every person you meet during the day is a potential customer and that means you’ve got a marketing opportunity. Be friendly, be generous, and don’t be afraid to hand out lots of information about your jewelry or even small samples if you can afford to so so. A good first impression can never be replicated.

7. Do Something Good
Team up with a charity to donate a percentage of the sales of your work to them. This will get the charity on board with marketing your product and you may just open up new demographics to the work that you do.

8. Sponsor Special Events
Many businesses have special events to drive traffic through their doors and this is the perfect place to market your jewelry in a natural event. Many bars and pubs, for example, will host a regular ladies’ night as a promotion. Sponsor one of the nights, have a prize on hand that can be given away, and you’ll get people talking about you in a good way.

9. Find Your Passion
Your passion may be jewelry, but you have other passions to share as well. Combine the loves of your life and you’ll create a lot of cross-promotional opportunities that could open up some new streams of revenue for you.

10. Take Affiliate Marketing Solo
Instead of creating your own affiliate program, talk to a website about running a dedicated sale of your products. You’ll need to pay them for the website space, so make sure there’s a lot of traffic on that website to make your investment worthwhile. In return, you’ll be giving exclusive access to a new niche that might just create new relationships… and ongoing revenue streams.

11. Tell Your Story
People long to create relationships with others and nothing does that better than a personal story that a potential customer can relate with through their own experiences. Be authentic, talk about your challenges, and don’t forget to discuss how you were able to overcome your challenges as well.

12. Blog Smarter, Not Harder
Do you get a lot of questions that all relate to certain aspects of what you do? Then use your blog to answer these consistent questions so you’ll provide an automatic level of value that people will use time and time again.

13. Communicate
Keeping your customers up-to-date with all of your latest pieces will help them understand that you care about them and in return, you’ve got an easy way to put new products right where you need them most: in front of a prospect.

14. Utilize Your Email
Providing value can come in many forms, like an email marketing campaign that focuses on value, not sales. Use this platform to teach others some of the basics of making jewelry. Talk about the equipment they may need, the challenges they’ll face, and provide links to your blog where they can discover even more details about this information. You’ll get clicks, have more exposure, and ultimately more sales without ever having to ask people to buy something.

15. Use a Boutique
Any new store placement that you can get will give you extra exposure to new clients. Although revenues are always the bottom line, having your jewelry in a prominent retail location is the next best thing you could have.

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