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11 Amazing SciFi Inventions Being Used Today


Sci-fi movies are a favorite across the world. Not only do kids love the gadgets and gizmos, even adults are fascinated by the combination of science and fiction. For more than three decades, sci-fi movies have dominated pop culture and have often made way for actual scientific inventions. Reactions to sci-fi movies and the gadgets and gizmos shown in them are varied. Some clearly believe that they are a figment of someone’s imagination, some take a more moderate view and think that the imaginations can be realized someday while some are certain that the inventions actually exist and are already around.

Regardless of what your standpoint is, you will be pleasantly surprised to know the kind of sci-fi inventions that are around you, kicking and functioning, being used extensively and intensively, publicly and discreetly, in the real world.

11 Insane Sci-Fi Inventions You Never Knew Existed is a take on some of the most popular figments of imagination in numerous movies which have become a reality and have been in use. Take for instance the Tricoder. It is a handheld device that can be used to diagnose medical conditions in an individual. There is no invasive surgery, no lengthy diagnosis and no endless tests of blood samples and other bodily fluids. There are no radiations, no waiting and no elaborate setting. A quick scan with the Tricoder, similar to how an ultrasound is done, and the small one pound device will check the functioning of the body’s vital organs. It is by the virtue of this that the device can diagnose any underlying or obvious medical condition in an individual. From Star Trek to Avatar, similar sci-fi innovations have been used widely in movies and have also made their way into sitcoms. Today, the Tricoder is not just a mere reality. It is used widely by medical professionals across the developed world.

From the Robotaxi to the Hover Board, Exoskeleton to Nano Drone, Universal Translator to Dog Translator, Cloning Devices to Shark Repellent, Adamantium to Force Fields, all those fancy imaginations in movies starting with Space Odyssey to Wolverine’s claws, are a reality today. You can get hold of some of these gadgets and some are beyond the reach of the general public. Some of the gadgets are already in use publicly while some are not meant for widespread use. Despite all that, the truth is that you perhaps didn’t realize that these insane inventions existed, until now.

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