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13 B2B Mobile Marketing Statistics and Trends


B2b Mobile Marketing

The way marketing departments choose their technologies and engage their audience is being redefined by mobile channels. This article outlines the expectation of the marketing department in the year 2013.

Where is the Mobile World Heading?

Between 2010 and 2013, the sales of mobile smart phones increased by 50%. $29 billion was the value of mobile device sales as at 2012 with 70% of the sales being iPads with brands like Apple and Samsung forming 83% of the market. By 2016, it is forecasted that 70% of phones sold will be Samsung.

In the B2B Mobile world, 78% of companies allow employees to bring in their own devices, while 50% of the C-Suite will use a tablet by 2013. Over 60% of business executives are comfortable making purchases via a mobile device as more than 53% of them make use of their mobile devices to gather product information before making purchases.

The Implication of These Trends in 2013

1. There will be an integration of mobile devices in multiple levels of the marketing chain used for the following.
• Customer Retention
• Lead Nurturing
• Business Development
• Events Management
• Sales Tools

2. The development of tablet optimized websites will be triggered by the growth of tablet sales.

3. Resources will be added to market depth in the following areas.
• QR Codes
• Tools for sales reps
• Mobile Apps
• Private Clients Portals
• Optimized websites for tablets and mobile devices.

4. There will be an increase integration of mobile marketing initiatives into CRMs and marketing automation systems like Salesforce and hub spot.

5. Software developers will assist the marketers build more technology that will convert mobile traffic into leads. This will lead to:
• A distribution of more personalized content and information.
• Analytical tools to analyse the markets.
• Tools that allow visitors download applications with ease and software that enhances the engagement of the end users.

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