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11 Conclusions About INFJ and INFJ Relationship Compatibility for a Male and Female

Relationship compatibility has been studied for many years in an attempt to help better understand how certain people will interact with one another. By understanding how some people will act when paired up with others, we can learn how to more effectively communicate and work with those who are different from us.

However, looking at how two people with the same personality type interact can be very insightful. If you are in a relationship with someone who shares the same personality type as you, you can expect many benefits alongside a few potential pitfalls. Let’s look at 11 conclusions about the compatibility of an INFJ and INFJ relationship.

1. Open about future desires
Many personalities like to look at future possibilities, but the INFJ personality is one of the most forward-looking and imaginative about future possibilities. On their own, an INFJ person can have grand visions about the future and bring others along with them to share their ideas and plans.

When you get two people who share the INFJ mindset, you have double the amount of vision and open communication about the future. Each person can share their vision for the future and the other can share theirs with them for a combined vision that is truly remarkable.

2. Get involved with one another’s interests
Helping out others and getting involved in many activities is a very prominent characteristic of the INFJ personality type. They are willing to try new things and help others in any way possible. This allows peoples with this kind of personality to easily get involved and interested in what other people find fun and enjoyable.

Having two people who share this same desire to get involved means that you will always have someone else interested in your hobbies and never get bored. Sharing interests and taking interest in what your partner does fosters more time together and a better understanding of the other person.

3. Both require similar distance
The introverted nature of the INFJ personality is their main way of recharging from the outside world. While many extroverted types of people like t go out and get social, the INFJ personality can thrive from a night on the couch away from any activity and find the same amount of energy as someone else gets from partying.

Having two people who prefer to get their energy in the same way means that they will understand when the other person doesn’t want to go out. These people are able to enjoy the company of others while still understanding when their other partner needs to leave and recharge.

4. Both want to help each other
INFJ’s are naturally good listeners, so they are great when it comes to hearing and trying to recognize the needs and wants of others. This personality trait makes people want to help each other in whatever way they can and makes for a very giving person who is also pleased to accept help when needed.

The give and take dynamic that can exist with two INFJ people being together is very powerful and allows each person to feel listened to and relevant at any given time.

5. Potential for deep conversations
The small talk and meaningless conversation that many people stumble into at introduction doesn’t do much for the INFJ and often leaves them wanting more. INFJ people share the desire for deeper and more meaningful conversations that allow them to connect and understand what the other person is all about.

When two people cross paths with the same desire for conversation, there can be a sense of connection and freedom to say whatever comes to mind that is rarely found elsewhere.

6. They will know how the other person is feeling
It’s nearly impossible to know what another person is feeling, but if anyone can come close, it will be someone who shares in your personality traits. Understanding that the person you are with is very similar in thinking and feeling to you means you would know how you would feel in their shoes.

Having a sense of empathy for the other person means that you can put yourself in their shoes when they are down and trying to do what you can to bring them back up again.

7. Help each other in times of need
Nobody likes to feel alone in a time of need, and you can be of great help to someone who is similar to you at their core. INFJ people are always looking to help others, so they will be easily equipped to help someone similar to themselves when necessary.

Being a good listener is a big part of what makes this personality so strong so use that to your advantage when you need to help someone out. Sometimes all people want and need is to have someone to listen when they are feeling down.

8. May lack factual information about situations
Being very emotionally based and driven by future aspirations can often lead to plans that lack factual backing. Having two people in a relationship who share the ideas and aspirations of looking to the future with great plans and ideas without concrete facts can often lead to wasted potential.

Trying to work with someone who thinks like you think can lead to cracks in a plan that neither of you had accounted for.

9. Both like to have organized plans
While some plans may not have much factual backing, you will both share the desire for organization and making sure that things get done as necessary. Knowing when you need to do what and how long it will take to do something allows you to both feel more relaxed for the future.

Sharing this ideal also means that you are more likely to have an organized space to live and work in.

10. Want to make the world better
Even though you may not have the most factually based plan for helping, you certainly have the heart and drive. Both of you want to help the world become better and can push each other to make the necessary changes.

There are many activities you can share together and impacts you can make just by using your shared drive for betterment to make a serious impact on the world.

11. Shared authenticity makes for meaningful relationships
Finding someone you can just be yourself around is often what most people look for in a serious relationship. Having two people with INFJ personality traits means that each person will be looking for the same deep and meaningful connections as the other person.

While having differences that make you unique and your own person, having someone to share your wildest dreams with and have them seem like a real possibility can make for an incredibly empowering relationship.


Despite sharing the same personality type, it is easy to see how some small details can make or break any relationship. Sharing the same personality type in a relationship opens up the doors to many unique and interesting possibilities for both members. Using these 11 conclusions, you can better understand what makes a double INFJ relationship tick.

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