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101 Catchy Slogans for Sunglasses

Sunglasses are both functional and stylish. These catchy slogans for sunglasses will remind you to take care of you eyes and be mindful of the sun’s powerful rays by finding the right choice for your eye care.

All eyes on you.
Anything but ordinary!
Better vision for a great life.
Caring for your eyes.
Caring for your sight.
Change your view.
Changing the face of optometry.
Choose best from Rest.
Clear Vision, Clear Life.
Clearly the best.
Excellence in eye care.
Experience the difference.
Expert eyecare, latest eyewear.
Experts with vision.
Eye care, we care.
Eyecare – seen through professional eyes.
Eyecare and understanding.
Far too stylish to take off.
Favorite brands and hottest trends.
For affordable eye-fashion.
For Your Eyes Only.
For your Vision.
Four Seasons Vision Care.
Get better looking.
Get Clear Vision at Best Rate.
Give me sunshine.
Glasses are Sexy.
Great service from people who care.
Helping people see better, one hour at a time.
Helping you to see and be seen.
Here comes the sun.
If in doubt, wear massive sunglasses.
I’ve got specs appeal.
Just look into Optical Express today.
Keep Calm and Wear Glasses.
Look better and live better.
Look better. See better.
Look good for less.
Look good. See better.
Looks that work.
Make just one stop for eye care with a personal touch.
making Your Face Stylish.
More than just eyeglasses.
More you.
Most glasses made in one hour.
Now you can believe your eyes.
Perfecting your Eye.
Personal service for your precious sight.
Read the Clear Today.
Reinvent Yourself.
See better. Look perfect.
See Clear.
See the difference.
See well. Look great.
See what you’re missing…
Seeing is believing.
Service you can see.
Soak up the sun.
Some Spects can make people happy.
Spects Which your Love to wear.
Stay Shady.
Take a good look.
The best for less at Optical Express.
The difference is clear to see.
The experienced pair in eye care.
The eyecare boutique.
The eyecare store next door.
The one hour optical lab.
The thinking patients choice.
The Vision Spa.
Trust in our care and experience.
View More at Another Perspective.
View More.
Vision for a better life.
Vision for Future.
Vision for life.
Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
Vision Redefined.
We see eyecare differently.
We’ll see you right.
What would you like to see?
Where else?
Where everyone gets star treatment.
Where the focus is on you.
Worth Seeing.
Worth taking a closer look.
You are never too old to reinvent yourself.
You could see better.
You deserve to be stylish.
You get the best for less.
You’ll see. We’re better.
Your Choice for best Spect is _____.
Your eyes, our focus.
Your eyes, your choice.
Your eyesight matters.
Your face is your art.
Your local independent optician.
Your local optician, nationwide.
Your store for eyewear needs.
Your vision, our priority.
Your Vision, Your identity.

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