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10 Invaluable Leo Melamed Quotes

Leo Melamed is a pioneer of financial futures. As a finance executive and chairman emeritus of CME Group, he has lectured and written extensively on the markets. Here is a look at some of the most remarkable Leo Melamed quotes recorded.

“$50,000 is … the number I think the retail investor can use.”

“Clearly the Chinese market is going to overwhelm everything else in Asia. In the last five, six, seven years, we have concentrated entirely on China.”

“I think the bond market has a problem. In one respect, you have flight to quality, in another, the jobs report was very, very strong, and clearly inflationary pressures are there.”

“I think you’re getting warning shots around the world and I think we ought to pay heed.”

“No doubt, in the next 20 to 25 years, Asia is where the growth is coming. They’re going to need those risk-transfer markets.”

“The floor had no viability anymore.”

“The portfolio [exposure] of $50,000 is quite low, actually.”

“The world situation is a very skittish situation right now and our investor world has been a little bit over-complacent in my view. ”

“This agreement contributes to the deepening liquidity in the foreign currency market in China.”

“You learn to distinguish the good traders from the bad, the successful techniques from the unsuccessful, and the good habits from the faulty.”

Here is a look at the history of Chicago Markets as told be Leo Melamed where he discusses competition as the key driving force in innovation.

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