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8 Pros and Cons of TV Advertising

Since the invention of the television, advertising has been a reliable way for companies to gain brand exposure for new products and services. How that advertising has been offered may have changed over the course of time, but the results have not changed at all. The potential downfalls of TV advertising have also remained fairly consistent over time.

If you’re thinking about this marketing method, then here are the pros and cons of TV advertising to consider before closing a deal.

What Are the Pros of TV Advertising?

1. TV reaches a large audience.
Compared to other forms of media, TV is usually able to reach a much larger audience. It can also accomplish this in a much shorter amount of time than other methods. As long as the advertisement is able to gain the attention of the targeted viewers, you will be able to make an immediate and lasting impression.

2. When it reaches viewers, it does so at a time when they are most attentive.
Advertising on TV works because people are focused on what they are watching. They are paying attention to what is on that screen. By putting your brand, service, or product there, you’re able to convey a message with sight, sound, and motion that can leave a lasting impact.

3. TV advertising offers immediate credibility.
It tells the viewer that you are serious about what you are offering. It also gives a viewer some video evidence that you can offer a superior product or service compared to the competition. You can also target specific times with TV advertising so that your product or service is offered at a time when a viewer will want it the most. That’s why you get pizza commercials at dinner time!

4. It attaches a visual personality to your business.
How your message is presented to the public is a way to add some personality to your brand. There have been several memorable national campaigns that instantly bring about the brand behind the advertising. Like the AFLAC duck, Flo the Progressive Agent, or the Geiko gecko. And who can forget about the Taco Bell Chihuahua?

What Are the Cons of TV Advertising?

1. There is no guarantee that a TV advertisement will be viewed.
Many people choose to get up during commercial breaks to take care of their personal needs. They might go to the fridge to get something to drink, stop by the bathroom, or run outside to get their mail. Then they’re back to enjoy the next segment of their show without having seen or heard your advertisement. There are no guarantees that this marketing effort will get views.

2. TV advertising will eat up your budget quickly.
Just the spot alone can be quite costly, especially if you want your advertisement to air during prime viewing hours. You may also need to budget the costs of writing a script, paying people to act in the commercial, editing the advertisement, or getting an ad agency involved. TV ads are also most effective when they are repeated, which means you need several spots reserved.

3. It is difficult to correct errors or make changes.
With other forms of advertising, you can immediately correct errors which are printed or broadcast. With TV advertising, you’re stuck with the final product unless you want to pay for the cost of reshooting and re-editing the advertisement. Even then, you may have several ads air before you can get the corrected version into the cycle.

4. Targeting your core audience can be hit or miss.
If your brand and business is selling baby products, then you might be able to save some cash by advertising during daytime hours when a stay-at-home parent would be most likely to see your ad. Or you might consider advertising during late night hours when a parent is up with their child for an early morning feeding. The fact is that there will always be people who see your ad, but aren’t part of your targeted market. Your job is to minimize those people so your advertising can maximize its impact.

The pros and cons of TV advertising show that it is a method of marketing that should always be considered. The pros and cons must be weighed by each brand and business to determine if it is the right medium for their needs. Sometimes it will be, but sometimes it may not be. That’s why these key points are so important to think about.

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