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7 Unique Ways to Repurpose Blog Content


Content creation takes a lot of your time and money all in a bid to get more traffic to your blog. You can create quality content but still fail to get your desired traffic. The following tips will guide you on repurposing your blog’s content and get the most out of the content that cost you many hours to create.

1) Create an Audio File
Starting by writing a blog post, and turn it into an audio file. You can do this by recording yourself or somebody else reading it. With the sound file now ready, publish it as an episode of your podcast, content for your Soundcloud, a bonus audio file for your blog’s subscribers or a downloadable lead magnet gift to help you grow your emailing list.

2) Create an Infographic
Start by writing a blog post in the usual way and highlight all the main points and call-outs in a visual presentation. Once completed, publish the infographic as a shareable image for promotion on social media networks and direct traffic back to your blog. You can also post it as a bonus lead magnet for the subscribers to your blog.

3) Create Social Media Cards
Start by first writing your blog post in the usual way, find several sweet quotable phrases in your blog post, and place them on a presentable shareable graphic. Post them on your social media networks and make sure you use links in the graphics to direct traffic back to your blog.

4) Create a Slide Share Presentation
Starting with a typical blog post, highlight the main talking points and visuals in your blog post. Create slides based on the main visuals and talking points of your blog post. After getting the satisfaction that your slides are share worthy, publish them on SlideShare with links back to your blog.

5) Create Talking Points for a Live Stream
After creating your blog post, choose a live streaming platform like Facebook or Periscope among other sites, use the blog post’s talking points to kickstart a discussion, and interact with your live audience. Remember to mention all the calls to action from the blog post during the live streaming session.

You can also use your blog post series and turn each post in the series, into a chapter in a book or e-book. After the compilation of the book, you can give it away as a lead magnet for traffic to your blog, sell it or give it away as a bonus to your subscribers. With each chapter in the book, you can create a free webinar or presentation to increase the size of your emailing list or to increase sales for a product or service.

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