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10 Insights About INFP and INFP Relationship Compatibility

Forming new relationships brings a sense of excitement and wonder to anyone looking for new outlooks on life. With so many people offering different and unique outlooks on the world, there is always the potential for you to meet someone who could change your world.

There are so many different personality types that all act and interact differently, so you never really get the same experience twice. But what happens when two people with the same personality meet? To find out, we will take a look at 10 insights about INFP and INFP relationship compatibility.

1. Both Thrive off Alone Time
When it comes to doing nearly anything, every person needs a certain amount of energy and desire to do something. For the INFP personality, they derive the majority of their energy from things like being alone and just staying home.

What this means is that when there are two INFP personalities in a relationship, they will understand the other person’s need and desire for alone time. Knowing what helps others feel good and energized will lead to a better understanding of what others need and want.

2. Both Honest Personalities
Confrontation in any relationship can be difficult, so being honest and open to hearing the other side of a story can be very important. INFP personalities are naturally feeling personalities, so they are already going to be better at resolving conflicts.

The honesty that is associated with their personalities means that they are willing to listen to one another and empathize with the other person. This shared sense of honesty means both parties will be able to more effectively share and communicate honestly.

3. Enjoy Listening to Others
Many people try to jump to healing people by talking and offering solutions when all that a person may want is someone to listen to them. The INFP personality is great at this because their combination of introversion and feeling makes them naturally want to listen and absorb what others are saying.

Since both of these people enjoy listening to others, they can share their thoughts and emotions more freely without issue. Having the freedom to talk and be listened to should be treasured in this relationship.

4. May Clash on Decision Making
Making decisions as to what action to take can be the difference between where you end up getting dinner and where you buy your new home. The INFP personality likes to look at things from almost every point of view, so there can be a tendency to overanalyze and make too many options when making decisions.

There is a sense of reliance that these two personalities have on each other to make decisions that the other person would approve of. This desire for approval can ultimately lead to dead ends that help nobody.

5. Avoid Conflict and Let It Build Up
Relationships are designed to avoid conflict to a certain degree but avoiding too much conflict can only lead to worsening issues. The INFP type naturally likes to look for harmony in relationships, so they will do whatever they can to avoid any conflict from building up.

This may be fine for smaller issues, but if these two let conflict build up and go unresolved, it can be catastrophic. Making sure to address issues when they are small and young will keep this relationship healthy.

6. Spontaneous Decision-makers
When life starts to get mundane and routine for this personality, they always look for some way to break the routine and try new things. The INFP personality has a fairly casual and laid-back structuring system, so they often act in the moment and without a rigid plan.

While this may seem a little disorganized, it can make for fun and exciting experiences. Always having something fresh and new to do can be a fun way to keep a relationship feeling young and spontaneous.

7. Open Connection Will Make for Good Bonding
Not being afraid to share your desires and passion with others in any regard allows you to be more natural and open with them. Not feeling the need to hide who you really are and what you are all about will make for a deep and meaningful connection.

INFP personalities can really connect with each other on a deep level as they both desire an authentic connection with other people. INFP relationships can have a very strong bond as two people share their real selves and communicate openly.

8. Communication May Have Conflicts
Both of these personalities are made with a foundation of spending time alone and listening to the words of others. What this means is that it will often take more energy from one person to actually get communication off the ground and happening naturally.

It may not be the norm but having to make sure that each person is trying their best to communicate freely will lead to better and more understanding communication.

9. Everyday Life May Seem Mundane
No matter how you look at it, the INFP personality thrives off things being changing and off of a schedule. There is a natural tendency for INFP personalities to give little attention to things like organization and keeping their spaces in order.

This is a nice way to live at times, but there could be trouble ahead. If one person has to carry the slack for making plans and organizing the home, then there could be issues and arguments that come up over keeping things in order.

10. Understand the Needs of Each Other
At the end of the day, one of the most important aspects d any relationship is being to understand the other person. For the INFP personality, this is one of their best features as they are always willing to listen and hear out other people and will do whatever they can to make others feel good.

A heightened sense of empathy among people with this personality trait makes them naturally receptive to others and what they are feeling. INFP relationships with two of the same personality types are full of mutual understanding that makes the relationship thrive as each person is willing to share and listen at the same time.


Despite being the same personality, even a relationship with two INFP people still has room for conflict. Despite the clashing of a similar personality type, there is still plenty of room for each person to reach out and help their partner in times of need.
Now that we understand these 10 insights about INFP and INFP relationship compatibility, we can better understand ourselves and how we treat others.

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