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10 Characteristics of the New Content Marketer


The most basic way to define a content hacker is to refer to them as a combination of a growth hacker and content marketer.

Defining The Content Hacker

As stated before, a content hacker can be seen as a combination growth hacker/content marketer.

Growth hacker definition
• Someone who works with growth hacking. This is a marketing strategy created through technology start-ups to push product and achieve exposure.
• Someone who works for a content/audience fit.
• Someone who focuses their energies on growth.
• Someone who believes in creating opportunities through connections.
• Someone who understands the concept of scale=sustainability.

Content marketer definition
• Someone who creates and shares media to bring in consumers.
• Someone who is driven by data.
• Someone who understands and utilizes SEO.
• Someone who is capable of manufacturing viral growth.
• Someone who is not bound to style guides.

Primary Components of Growth and Content Hacks

There are numerous components of both growth hackers and content hackers that when combined, make for a formidable approach to developing and marketing:

• Since the term growth hacker was first defined in 2012, Google has indexed over thirty-two million pages on the idea.
• Growth hackers are focused on growth. Content hackers are paying attention to content that can be shared.
• Several things can influence the likelihood of content being shared. This includes articles that use images, headlines that use numbers, contain a word of more than twenty-four-hundred words, incorporate video content, understand content creation tactics, and appreciate the potential reach of custom content.

Successful Hacks in Marketing Growth

There are several viable examples of successful hacks designed around the concept of marketing growth:

• In 1998, Hotmail added “PS: I Love You” with a link to their main page to all emails that were sent through them. The result? Twelve million users.
• In 2006, 37signals allowed for free distribution of a book about the design/programming business. That lead to tons and tons of downloads and a book deal.
• Also in 2006, CopyBlogger is launched. Becoming an exhaustive resource for learning to increase traffic through content marketing, the site picks up thousands and thousands of unique customers.
• In 2010, KISSMetric’s first infographic picks up over 2 million visitors and over forty thousand backlinks.
• In 2013, Groove’s documentation of becoming a business that generates a hundred-thousand dollars a month picks up considerable attention.

What’s great about the content hacker field is all the territory that remains unexplored.

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