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2 Great Profitable Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers are, sadly, all about making a profit. A fundraiser must be organized properly so that it is possible to turn a profit and do so without worrying about a loss. Profitable fundraising ideas are always a risk, but they can draw in a lot of money in the process.


This is not your ordinary raffle where a person merely gets half of the proceeds. Instead, a raffle that is deemed a success will need to be one where a large prize is given. The more valuable the item, the easier it will be to make a massive profit.

One high school in California took raffling to a whole new level. What did they do? They raffled off a car to bring in profits. This can come at a huge loss if not promoted correctly, but if done right, tens of thousands of dollars in profits can be made. This is synonymous to gambling. People do not have a problem putting 10 dollars into a raffle for a chance to win a new car.

If the car was donated, it will be even easier to make a profit. Oftentimes, local car dealerships will donate a vehicle to help with a cause.

Obviously, not all raffles can include something of this expense, but there is a multitude of options available including:

Electronics: From iPhones to tablets, people will swarm to a raffle that includes the latest gadgets. Since these items are fairly low priced, it is possible to make 3 – 4 times profit on a raffle. The best time to hold a raffle of this nature is during a fair or some other big event.

Bicycles: Kids and adults alike are often seen with a bicycle traversing around town. Bicycles may also be donated or they can be purchased and raffled off. With a $5 or $10 ticket fee, it is possible to make an immense amount of money off of your raffle.

Virtually anything can be raffled off, but big ticket items are often best. Raffles should be able to be entered online as well to maximize the profits made.


For thousands of years, humans have been holding competitions as the main form of entertainment. It should come as no surprise that just like our ancestors; modern humans also enjoy partaking in competitions. This is a way to bring in thousands of dollars in profits and it works extremely well each and every time.

The best part about competitions is that they are able to be run in a variety of ways. From bake sales to sporting events, it truly doesn’t matter what the competition is – people will come.

Ideas for Competitions

A few great ideas for a competition include:

Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, etc: Any of the world’s major sports is a great opportunity for a competition. These sports allow anyone to be able to throw a fundraiser and do so with minimal overhead. You must ensure that there are waivers signed if anyone is injured or the proper insurance is sought in case someone is injured during a game.

Cooking: From hotdogs and chili to brownies and cupcakes, cooking provides a great opportunity for all of the community’s chefs to gather together and find out who is the best. Money is made by entry fees and sampling fees or sales made by the cooks.

Archery: The skill of archery is one that is slowly fading, but there is still a lot of interest from the general populous. Archery allows for a very cheap competition to be formed and for a true skills spectacular to be seen. Judge the attendees based on their accuracy and how proficient they are at their craft.

There can also be other competitions that are more geared towards kids. This could be a local talent contest where prizes are given to the best talents to take the stage. There can also be racing, marathons or costume competitions that will reel in a slew of proceeds.

Goals to a Profitable Fundraiser

Profitable fundraising ideas are not too difficult to setup. The goal is to:

1. Choose a timeless idea that never gets old. Cooking and sports are just two ideas that will always bring in the masses.
2. Choose an idea that can be repeated. If you want to raise money every year, choose an idea that can be repeated. By becoming an annual event, more and more people are inclined to attend.
3. Location is everything. If you live in a small town with only a 1,000 people, you will have a difficult time bringing in money. However, you can choose to go to a bigger town that allows you to promote your fundraiser to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people.

Giving a lot of thought to your fundraiser will be the best option if you have ran an unsuccessful fundraiser in the past.

Increasing Fundraising Funds

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