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10 Characteristics of an Affiliative Leadership Style


Qualities And Characteristics Of A Good Leader

Whether you’re in school and it’s time to elect your class president or the captain of an extracurricular activity, knowing the characteristics of a good leader is imperative. Or you may also be the leader of a department within your company. Regardless of the type of arena, many leaders possess the same qualities and characteristics.

Some people develop the characteristics of a leader quickly while others develop them overtime. One thing is for sure leaders are looked up to all the time and must therefore act and behave accordingly.

Naturally Leading

Some of the characteristics present in a leader begin with the innate ability to delegate tasks as they see fit. Tasks are delegated to individuals that seem to get the job done quickly with minimum error. Leaders trust these individuals to perform all tasks to the best of their ability and are often rewarded or promoted based on their accomplishments.

The lines of communication must therefore be open and leaders must clearly explain what they want to be done to ensure both parties clearly understand their duties and obligations. Open communication enables you to work cohesively with your fellow team members to ensure everyone on board understands the final goal and is working toward achieving it.

Good leaders must be display qualities and characteristics they would like their employees to display. Therefore, good leaders should be honest, confident, and have a sense of humor to help create a happy, healthy work environment. Confidence along with maintaining a positive attitude is essential. Leaders must reassure their team members or employees that minor setbacks will occur; however, it they all remain positive and continue working toward their common goal success is within reach. Good leaders are able to recognize and appreciate the hard work of fellow employees and other team members.

Helping Yourself Being a Leader

Not a natural born leader. Don’t worry because no one is a born leader. Hence, there are methods and strategies that will help you develop leadership skills which will help you become a more effective leader. The main key to becoming a better leader is to improve means of communication. If your able to openly communicate with others will be able to more effectively motivate them to complete assigned tasks which will encourage them to cooperate more. Remember that good leaders are able to develop a broader perspective by sharing their knowledge and expertise with their team members. Great leaders are not afraid of change because change is inevitable and needed at times.

Since leadership is so important, companies delegate a certain amount of money toward development and learning programs and seminars. These programs have proven to be quite effective which is why 44% of companies have decided to increase spending on leadership and development in 2012.

Looking to be an effective leadership but need so guidance check of the characteristics present in a good leader. If you happen to need improvement in any of those aspects see if your company offers leadership and development seminars.

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