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4 Steps to Improving Corporate Organizational Culture


The Four Stages Of Strategic Transformation

Who doesn’t want to be part of a team with an awesome rock star culture. Employees always want to (and should) love what they do, as well as feel as if they can add value to their organization each day. Management just wants everyone to work together so that they can achieve the best business results.

However, a drastic transformation from utter dysfunction to teamwork never happens overnight. Each and every organization must pass through at least four phases in order to cross the finish line and arrive at the best destination.

Culture of Dysfunction

Stage Zero is the culture of dysfunction. Obviously, businesses never can stay afloat in this type of environment. Either they will sink or they will move on to stage one.

Culture of Collaboration

Stage One is the culture of collaboration. For most people, a culture of collaboration will happen naturally. However, little is done to actually track the performance. Being strategic does not just mean being busy. You could be simply getting a lot done without actually accomplishing much at all.

Culture of Accountability

Stage Two is a culture of accountability. Conquering this mountain requires at least three major changes within your organization. These include: Tracking measurable outcomes, providing access to all the necessary information and assigning firm due dates that do not change.

Culture of Execution

Stage Three is a culture of execution. This is a stage that must be dived into head first. It involves at least two factors: Addressing the businesses’ most vital needs and cascading strategy to everyone within the organization.

Culture of Innovation

Stage Four is a culture of innovation. This is the highest level an organization can achieve. Once your business has reached the culture of execution, the rest becomes effortless and easy.

Everyone needs to know that their performance affects the company vision as a whole. Team members should also make better decisions in this stage, identifying any and all improvement opportunities and questioning the status quo. Just remember, team members that question the status quo will be more likely to dare to be innovative.

If you remember and apply these four stages of strategic transformation, you may really be able to rescue your organization from its inevitable downfall (if it is at stage zero). Whether your business is hanging by a thread or not doing so bad, there is always plenty of room for improvement.

This article has relayed many tips, tricks and major stages to help your business improve drastically. Follow these steps and stages and your organization will easily evolve into what it is truly meant to become.

Consider creating your own poster for your work place that depicts these four stages. It will motivate your employees, as well as being very inspirational. Get your employees on board and you will be seeing drastic differences in your company in no time at all!

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