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10 Reasons to Have a Flexible Work Schedule


Flex Workers Are A New Work Place Asset

Flex workers are an awesome new part of the workforce today and are starting to slowly take over. Usually these flex workers, or freelance workers can be a huge benefit to your business for more than one reason. Below are listed some main reasons why you should hire them for your business and give them a chance.

Reason number one, like said before they are slowly starting to take over the workforce in todays world. About 29% of full time employees have flexible work schedules. Of that percentage 47% are freelancing full time. Big name brands like BestBuy, AT&T, and Xerox are actively hiring these type of workers for their business.

On to the second reason, they help your business grow. Trades like healthcare, retail trade, and media and technology are some of the biggest industries that usually hire these type of workers who have the ability to have more open schedules. 80% of employers plan on increasing the amount of flex workers that they have on their payroll.

Save Money

They can save your business money! Many telecommuters are flex workers, 20 million Americans actually already telecommute. By not needing having to have an actual office space for them to occupy this saves you money! It can save you as much as $20-37 thousand a year per employee. This in turn increases your revenue overall, which means more money in your piggy bank.

Another great thing about flex workers, or freelance people is that they are usually more available since they tend to keep odd hours compared to a normal nine to five office worker. As much as 50% of freelancers work on at least 2 to 3 projects at a time. This can be great for your business, being able to get multiple things done in a timely manner with great quality.

Flex workers are also a great way to test drive a possible company employee. Usually if they do well in the temp or freelance position that you hired them to do, you’ll want to keep them around so that they will continue to do good work for you. You don’t want them still working for your competitor and giving them the upper hand, you want to keep that advantage all to yourself. And if it happens they aren’t a good fit for you and your business needs then no harm, no foul.

You may even help the next Steve Jobs or Oprah find their calling by using flex workers, since they themselves started out as flex workers in their respective fields. So if you are thinking about making some of your business powered by flex workers, go ahead and give it a try. You’ll probably be more pleased with the result than you think.

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