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10 Biggest Regrets in Life from People About to Die


Living Without Common Regrets

A wise man once said that the purpose of life was to live it without creating any regrets. Though we all make mistakes sometimes because fallibility is part of the human condition, regrets can be limited if we recognize what is important to each of us early on. Whether it is spending more time with our kids or taking a chance to pursue a dream, when it is our final moments here on this planet, we should be proud of the life we have lived. We shouldn’t be spending that time regretting the mistakes that we have made.

What Are Your Priorities?

What defines you as a person? Is it your family? Your career? Your ability to dominate a game of Spoons? Each of us works the most at what our #1 priority in life happens to be. The problem with that is other priorities of ours end up taking a backseat to that top priority in life. That’s why working on a Saturday will take a priority over playing with the kids. That’s why dreams are discarded because it is more important to do what people may expect of us. By setting what is important to you as the top priority you have, you’ll automatically make time to fulfill that task.

Priorities Can Always Change

Maybe you’re working harder because there are a lot of bills to pay. Maybe you’re not working much at all because your family needs you at the moment. Many people get locked into a top priority for life and that’s what ends up causing a lot of regrets. Our top priorities can always change based on the way our lives change. Working hard at a career might make sense when you’re single, but a spouse might take the top priority in your life when you get married. Your kids might occupy that spot right now! Don’t be afraid to set new life priorities or chase new dreams. Happiness is a choice that you can make… unfortunately way too many people only realize that when it is far too late.

You Can Choose To Be the Bigger Person

Each of us have conflicts with other people. Sometimes those conflicts can extend out for quite some time. Often it is because the other person wants an apology from us that we feel is undeserved. Rather than be filled with pride, we can choose to be the bigger person and repair the relationship. When we have the courage to live truthfully and understand that in any conflict we are at some sort of fault, even if we don’t feel like we are in the moment, we’ll have more time to spend with those we love. Ultimately that’s the beauty of modern life – we can live thousands of miles apart, yet see each other every single day.

Are You Living With Regrets?

If you’re living with regrets right now, it’s never too late to fix them. Make today be the day that you start resolving the issues that are unresolved. Start chasing those dreams again. Choose to be happy. When you do, then your final moments can be a thing of beauty instead of a time to spend thinking about all the things that you’d change.

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