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10 Best Employee Exit Interview Questions


Walking Out – How to Run a Smooth Exit Interview

There are various reasons why people leave their jobs. Research has shown that inadequate compensation contributes most to people losing their jobs, amount to 57.2% of the workforce. Inadequate opportunities for career advancement contributed 37.3% while insufficient recognition or appreciation stood at 34.2%. Over 20% of job loss was the result of boredom, inadequate benefits, and inadequate opportunities for professional development. Insufficient job security accounts for 11.8% and undesired impact on health and stress levels is 10.5%. Poor relations with management accounts for 10% along with an undesirable commute at 9%.

The Exit Interview Checklist

This interview is to be conducted by the employee’s manager and supervision should be avoided as it may lead to a rise in tension.

With respect to the best time to conduct the interview, it is recommended to wait a couple of weeks after the employee has finished. This affords them the opportunity to gain perspective.

The essence of the exit interview is to provide an avenue for employees to leave on a good term. This in turn drives their answers with respect to their resignation.

Question to Ask

1. What is the primary reason for leaving?
2. Was leaving triggered by anything?
3. What was the most satisfying and least satisfying about their job?
4. What should be improved within the workplace?
5. Is there a variation between employee expectation and experience?
6. Was adequate training provided?
7. What is their level of satisfaction with respect to the company’s merit process?
8. Was sufficient feedback received about performance between reviews?
9. Were goals fulfilled through their service with the company?
10. Would they consider returning to the company?

Many employers see rehiring as a way of bringing back someone who is familiar with their business. Statistics have reveals that among major employers, 56% depend on employees, 33% are not dependent on employees, and 11% are indifferent.

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