List of 50 Great Fire Safety Campaign Slogans

Focusing on fire safety results in saving lives. Historically, the United States has seen some of the top fire death rates in the world. As a safety conscious nation and one of the most technologically advanced, suffering from high rates of fire deaths have been considered perplexing to many. Per every million people, the United States has the 10th highest death rate in the world. Fire safety is something that every individual needs to take into account. The following list of fire safety slogans have been seen used in awareness campaigns in the past and serve as an inspiration to those promoting fire safety.

A fire today – no job tomorrow.
A little fire is quickly trodden out, which being suffered, rivers cannot quench.
A mind is a terrible thing to baste.
Accident brings tears, fire safety brings cheers.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
Be alert avert fire.
Carelessness is the biggest cause of fire.
Cooking food’s hot, so don’t touch the pot!
Crawl down low, when it’s time to go!
Don’t Burn, Baby, Burn!
Duty without fire safety… brings fatality.
Electrical safety leads to fire safety.
Ensure fire safety, save life save property.
Fire catches, so don’t play with matches.
Fire defense is a self defense.
Fire destruction is one man’s job, fire prevention is every body’s job.
Fire fighting is one of the most essential services of an organized society.
Fire is a good servant but a bad master.
Fire loss is a national loss.
Fire safety goes Danger grows.
Fire safety on, accidents gone.
Fire the Friend, Fire the Foe.
Fires that are small, soon will be tall!
Gather your clan, make a fire plan.
Get out quick, before the smoke gets thick!
Got crazy with the lighter? Call a firefighter.
Have your chimney inspected by a professional before each heating season.
Have your furnace checked every year by a professional.
Hey just in case, have a meeting place.
It only takes one mistake to bring us all down; don’t let it be yours!
Kill Fire before it kills you.
Know fire safety, no pain, no fire safety, know pain.
Know the roots of fire safety- enjoy the fruits of duty.
Learn not to burn.
Less fire safety, more risk More fire safety, no risk.
Light up your Christmas tree, not your home; use approved decorations and lights.
Match have heads, but without brain, when use their heads use your brain.
Never hide, stay outside!
Never trust fire.
No safety knows fire, know safety no fire.
Old firefighters never die, they just stop arson around.
Only You can prevent forest fires!
Practice Fire Safety. Watch what you heat.
Stop, drop, and roll.
Think of fire before it starts.
Uncontrolled fire knows no frontiers.
We serve to save.
Whatever bums never returns.
When in doubt, there’s two ways out!
Wherever there is fire safety, pins are hefty.

Almost half of home fires are the result of cooking. These result in 16% of home fire deaths and 40% of injuries. 1 in every 22 households per year have a cooking fire. The infographic below outlines the 5 most common types of fires and prevention tips to help keep your home safe.
Fire Safety Statistics and Trends