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10 Most Popular Pinterest Users and Business Accounts


Pinterest Road to 20 Million Users

Pinterest users are in all continents of the world. North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Oceania. Research has revealed the top 10 users of pinterest ranked according to the number of followers.

Top 10 Users of Pinterest
1. Jane Wang
2. Jennifer Chong
3. Mike D.
4. Marla McDonalds
5. Caltin Cawley
6. Anna H.
7. Daniel Bear Hunley
8. Michael Wurm Juniow
9. Bright Baszaar
10. Ez Pudewa

Top 10 Pinterest Business Account
1. The Perfect Palatte
2. The Beauty Department
3. Real Simple
4. Skinny Taste
5. Better Homes and Gardens
6. Etsy
8. Kate Spade New York
9. Martha Steward Living
10. Michaels Stores

Top 10 Pinterest Sources
1. Etsy
2. Google
3. YouTube
4. Flickr
5. Amazon
6. Better Homes and Gardens
7. Houzz
8. Martha Stewart
9. 25 Media
10. All Recipes

Top 10 Pinterest Users by Pins
1. Luann Lang
2. Lady Earehart
3. Hazel Ku
4. Tony Villar
5. Teresa Powell
6. Wander Redden
7. Chamaine Zoe
8. Christine Kysely
9. Lise Lemay
10. Posey Girl

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