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Work Life Balance Management: Objectives, Theories and Best Practices

Work Life Balance Management: Objectives, Theories and Best Practices

The Reality of Work Life Balance

Balancing your work and life is something that most individuals strive to accomplish. 87% of people admit that they are overworked. However, a third of them do not feel overloaded. Here is a rundown of statistics that show the reality of work life balance.

How Much Do We Overwork?

Approximately 40% of people say they overwork more than five hours with 35% saying two to five hours. Only 13% of participants claimed they overworked less than an hour with 12% saying they did not overwork at all.

42% of participants believe they maintain a good work life balance and 11% feel overworked rather often. The other remaining half said they feel overloaded from time to time.

Who’s the Happiest?

Those that feel the happiest and satisfied with their work life balance are mostly team members. Following behind them, over 40% of executives are happy with an additional 37% and 35% of managers and freelancers who are equally satisfied.

When Your Feel the Most Productive

Over 60% of people feel the most productive between 8 and 10am in the morning. As it reaches afternoon, the statistics start to drop and continue on a downslope. Early birds tend to feel overworked about 10% of the time, while night workers tend to feel overworked significantly more at almost 30%.

What Gets You Productive?

Almost 80% of people say they get productive by a sense of responsibility. Another 57% say when they are in a good mood. Another 40% do it for an award while the other 31% get turbocharged by taking a break. Changing activities motivates approximately 30% of individuals.

Working In Deadlines

When deadlines need to be met, more than half of people say they are able to mobilize their best skills. Almost an additional 40% claim they can handle the load but it does not motivate them. The remaining 7% believe deadlines hinder productivity.

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