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Why Having Friends at Work is Important


Many people attempt to completely separate their work life from their home life. This can make a lot of sense, especially if their work life is considered stressful and exhausting. However, it may not be a good idea to cut yourself off completely. Mainly, developing friends at work can be an excellent way to improve your overall life. Lets take a quick look at why having friends at work means a happier life.

What Other People Say

When asked in poles, 70% of workers say that friendships are the most crucial elements of work. This can be a friendship with someone else in the office, or even your own boss. Friendships allow us to empathize and see the world from the perspective of other people. When we are experiencing a particularly bad day, it can be friends who we vent to, allowing for a quicker recovery. This is better for both our minds and our bodies.

A Company Connection

Wanting to believe that what we do is important is a strong motivator. In fact, 50% of employees who have a best friend who works with them report higher levels of company loyalty then the average. Friendships are so important that people will not leave their company, even for more pay if it means not being able to get along with the employees.

Growing Together

As individuals, we naturally grow and mature. When it comes to personal development support, having a network of friends means having 137% more growth support at work. In addition, it means having a greater overall commitment to the quality of the work produced. Finally, people consider their work to be more important when they are working with friends, as opposed to working without friends in the office.


It is thought that if we have friends at work, then little work will be done. The end result is quite opposite however. Instead of reducing productivity, having friends at work actually increases productivity of everyone involved. It allows people to get things off their mind, socialize, and better recover to do whatever task is requested. Being able to talk about problems with work also leads to problem solving, decreasing the chances of HR having to become involved in disputes between co-workers. In the end, all the data points to a single irrefutable truth, friends in the work place leads to a generally happier life.

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