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What to Write in a Sympathy Card Thank You Note

Planning a funeral during the time of losing a loved one is no easy feat. It may take others to help out, warranting them a note of appreciation. Rather it be a financial donation, a gift, or their moral support that helped you along, look to these examples of sympathy card thank you notes to get you started for personalizing the gratitude you wish to show them. These are intended to get your own imagination going so you can formulate the words that best reflect how you feel.

I am really proud of your sympathy. It gives me great strength. Thank you.

My heartfelt thanks for your sympathy and consoling words.
Thank you dear for your sympathy and comforting support during our time of loss. Your kind words of comfort have been a powerful remedy to our wounded hearts.

Thank you dear for your sympathy that shared your great affection. Your sympathy during my adversity is matchless.

Thank you dear friend for your great concern. It touched my heart deeply.

Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement….

Thank you for the flowers and the note that you sent. We appreciate the sentiment.

Thank you for the support and comfort you provided.

Thank you for your heartfelt sympathy with which you shared your great love.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts…

Thank you for your support at this difficult time….

Thank you for your sympathy and kindness…

Thank you for your touch of sympathy that has given my heart a great relief and strength.

The sympathy card that you have sent me is your angelic presence with me. My words are too poor to express my thanks.

There are people who come to you when they need you, and there are people who come to you when you need them. Thank you for coming to me when I could not find my way to you.

We appreciate having you with us at this difficult time in our lives.

We appreciate your thoughtful donation to (fill in) in memory of (name).

We are grateful for friends like you at this time of sorrow.

We deeply appreciate your expression of sympathy.

You have stood by me through your sympathy. You shared my tears when “my head were a spring of water and my eyes a fountain of tears!” (Jeremiah 9:1) Thank you friend.

Your recent visit to me was a great relief for me. Thank you for your sharing.

Your sympathetic words are soothing to my troubled heart. It is still serving as a healing balm for my pain. Thank you.

Your sympathy note is really very touching. I appreciate it very much. Thank you.

The following infographic provides a checklist to planning a funeral so you can ensure to not overlook something. The first step is to select a funeral home and schedule an appointment to speak with a mortician. Decide if you want to cremate or bury your loved one and select the cemetery or memorial park where they will be laid to rest. Choose someone to officiate and select the pallbearers. Additional useful tips can be found below.

Funeral Planning Checklist

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