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100 Hot New Business Trends to Watch Out For

Our Watch List for 2014
2014 brings a whole new world of possibility to people, businesses, tech firms, and much more. Many of you may wonder just what this New Year will bring. In this article, we will take a look at a few of our predictions for the year 2014. By keeping-up with predictions, you can help to make your business more successful, make profits grow, and get-in on the ground floor of new trends that could help to make you a very wealth person. Read on to learn more!

The growth trends for various industries on e-commerce and how smaller retailers are combating larger scale brands

2014 Ecommerce Growth Trends

No More Anon
Clearly, things like social media, search engines, message boards, and much more make it harder and harder with each passing day to remain completely anonymous while online, or below the radar of others. There is expected to be a backlash against this trend this year because anonymity is part of the overall appeal of things like the internet. So what will people do to combat this trend? Turn to companies, start-ups, and software that can help to protect their privacy against other people, governmental organizations, and anyone looking for them online. Some people may even turn their backs on some tech all together.

Living in the Present
More and more people will decide to start living in the here and now instead of spreading themselves thin worrying about the things they cannot change in the past or future. Many will see being able to remain completely focused a key to getting more things done, being able to help others get more done, and being able to be successful in business ventures and the like. We may see this trend in business, education, computing, and other fields. This attitude may, again, mean that more and more people decide to abandon or find work around options for some of the technologies already in use that prevent living in the moment.

Mixing-Up Traditions
This year will see the trend of turning traditional parties, celebrations, and more on its head. Some of the trends that we predict to see include traditional rites of passage with a modern twist, like Divorce Parties, churches that serve no God, and even the movement to digital grieving and the like. We also expect that people will want to get back into touch with some traditional aspects of like (like folk clothing) in order to put a more modern spin on such things in the coming years.

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