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75 Funny Ultimate Frisbee Team Names

Anyone can engage in the game of ultimate frisbee. It only requires a rectangular shape with end zones at each end broken to 70 yards by 40 yards. A variety of intense skills and strategies can be employed to help your team increase their edge. From cutting to marking and stall counting, you can find yourself in the end zone. Maximize your team’s coverage area by staying balanced and not crossing your feet over. A collection of ultimate frisbee team names to help get you started are listed below.

(The) Fat and the Furious
6 Jerks and a Squirt
7 Girls, 1 Cup
Aerial Assault
Air Traffic Control
Backhanded Compliments
Bad News Beers
Beer Pressure
Beginner’s Le Huck
Boats & Ho Stacks
Callahan Killers
Chick Flix
Crimson Chins
Disc Devils
Disc in a Box
Disc Jockeys
Discember Discrepancies
DISCgusting D’s
Disc-o Fever
DISCpiciple Me
DISCrete DISCriminators
Double D’s
Dream Catchers
Dream Team Frisbee
Duck Hunt
Dump Trucks
Fair Huckers
Fat Stacks
Floppy Discs
Flying Monkeys
Flying Saucers
Frizzing Whizbees
Game of Throws
Hammer Time
Huck Buddies
Huck of The Irish
Huck so Hard
Huck, Huck, Goose
Huckaholics Anonymous
Huckin’ Justice
Huge Dumps
Masters of DISCguise
Mother Huckers
Raging Frisboners
Red Skies
Slam Dumps
Slipped Discs
The Blu-Ray Disc Players
The Frisbeasts
The Huck Dynasty
The HUCKstables
The Incredible Huck
The Mighty Hucks
Total Diskheads
Turf Smurfs
Ultimate DISCiples
We Swing Both Ways
Whiskey Disc

The following video features some of the most interesting ultimate frisbee team names thought of for this game tournament. These are intended to inspire your own creativity and inspire you to come up with a team name that reflects your own members.

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