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What Your Foot Says About Your Personality


Did you know certain things about your feet can suggest things about your personality?

Your Feet And Your Personality

Shape, size, and position can all reveal things about your personality:

Wide feet means you’re someone who works hard, and are constantly in motion. Somebody with narrow feet may be prone to delegating responsibilities to others, giving them more time to enjoy the things in life that make them happy. Flat-footed people are often realistic, and enjoy the company of others. High arches can indicate you’re someone who thinks for themselves, and is prone to daydreaming from time to time.

Do you have large feet? Then you might be someone with stronger leadership qualities. Small-footed individuals can possess maturity, wisdom, and perhaps a little jealousy. A large big toe can mean solid business smarts, and those with long 2nd toes have strong opinions and a desire to lead.

If all of your toes are neatly in line, you’re someone people are going to look at as being logical, accurate, and sensible. Do you have one that’s squeezed under another toe? Then you might be somebody who experiences trust issues with other people. It may also be difficult for you to let go of the things that are bothering you. Toes that are bending towards your big toe can mean you spend too much of your time living in the past. Toes that are bending towards your little toe can suggest you’re someone who is often rushing through things in life.

Cracked Heels

Do you have cracked heels? Those who do are known to be leaders with strong personalities, capable of handling anything life might throw at them. Feet that are swollen can mean you experience difficulties in expressing how you feel.

Splayed Feet

Splayed feet reveal interesting personality characteristics. You’re going to be looked at as someone who likes to talk a lot (perhaps too much!), and has a tendency to show off.

Webbed Toes

Webbed toes aren’t terribly common, but they do exist. If you’re someone who happens to have webbed feet, then some of your personality traits are likely to revolve around your level of self-esteem. Those who have webbed toes tend to find their strongest feelings of a high sense of self-worth through their chosen career path, or through the activities that make up their day.

Take a look at your feet. Note some of your distinguishing characteristics, and then compare them to the items mentioned in this article.

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