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Ways to Create Happy Employees that are More Productive

Ways to Create Happy Employees that are More Productive

How to Create Happy Employees

Ensuring your employees are happy and remain happy in the workplace can bring you more cost effectiveness, innovation, and success. Less than half of American workers are satisfied with their jobs. Focusing on employee satisfaction can increase your profitability and productivity.

What the Statistics Say

Statistics show that now more than ever, Americans are feeling bad about their jobs in eight different categories ranging from emotional health to work environment. Employee happiness is associated with the important aspect of feeling secure in their job.

Top Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction

Here is a listing that outlines the top factors affecting employee job satisfaction.

• Job Security – 63%
• Benefits – 60%
• Compensation and Pay – 57%
• Opportunities to use skills and abilities – 55%
• Feeling safe in the work environment – 54%
• Relationship with supervisor – 52%
• The work itself – 50%
• Independence – 47%
• Work-Life Balance – 46%
• Corporate Culture – 45%

Engage Employees and Reap Profits

When employees feel engaged and satisfied, statistics show that they are driven to help their employers succeed. 86% of employees claim they felt happy at work very often. 20% of the time this, an employee who feels happy will improve their performance as well as reduce staffing turnover by 87%. Companies that saw low employee engagement resulted in a 32.7% decline in operating income.

Social media can also be used as a means of spreading happiness in the workplace. This not only enhances productivity but becomes contagious and can heighten overall contentment. Each individual who is happy can increase another individual’s chance of being happy by 18%. This can influence their network up to three degrees removed.

Top 5 Happiest Careers in America

1. Biotechnology worker
2. Customer service representative
3. Teacher
4. Administrative assistant
5. Buyer

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