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List of Major Challenges Faced By the Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner

List of Major Challenges Faced By the Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner

Making an Impact with Small Business

Social media is being looked to as a means of sending messages out. This provides small businesses with an opportunity to connect with clients, customers, and potential employees.

Most Popular Methods Used

Here is a listing of some of the most popular methods chosen by small businesses to get the word out.

• Social Media – 73%
• Email Marketing – 91%
• Website Marketing – 95%
• Print Advertising – 77%
• Online Advertising – 69%
• Event Marketing – 53%

The importance for small businesses to have access social media is on the rise. Over 60% of businesses intend on using social media in the upcoming year with over 80% of current participants looking to increase current activity levels. Over 80% of small businesses access their email each day as their first tool of choice. 72% overall check their email 6 or more times a day.

Top Challenges for Small Businesses

1. Attracting new customers – 80%
2. Getting current customers to refer others – 52%
3. Making marketing dollars go further – 41%
4. Daily email users who subscriber to marketing messages – 94%
5. US internet users who say the motivation given behind providing their email address is to receive promotions or discounts – 67%
6. Internet users worldwide who said they are more apt to buy a product in the store after getting a marketing email – 57%

Print Marketing is Still Alive and Well

While it seems the digital age has degenerating traditional print marketing methods, 65% of consumers say they value the mail they receive in their mailbox. However, less than 40% of companies believe that consumers value mail. 76% of young people claim to have made a purchase based on something received by mail. 65% of adult millennials prefer to read something on paper.

Most Active Social Media Platforms

• Facebook – 901 Million Active Users
• Twitter – 100 Million Active Users
• LinkedIn – 161 Million Active Users
• YouTube – 800 Million Unique Visitors

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