Average Angel Round Funding and Angel Round Valuation

Average Angel Round Funding and Angel Round Valuation

Most Active Angel Groups

Angel groups can be found around the U.S. However the most active angel groups have been seen in California, taking the lead in dollars and deals.

Share of Total Dollars Invested

Here is a look at the distribution of total dollars invested through the US in 2011.

• California – 29.8%
• Southeast – 20.1%
• Great Lakes – 11%
• New England – 13.5%
• Mid-Atlantic – 6.8%
• Southwest – 7.9%
• New York 5.6%
• Northwest – 2.3%
• Great Plains/AK/HI/PR – <2%

The media angel round sizes grew to $700K in 2011 with a 40% increase from the previous year. 58% of angel group investments have been made towards the healthcare industry and internet, accounting for more than half of total occurring deals. 60% of the healthcare investments were distributed towards medical device and equipment companies.

Top 5 Most Active Angel Groups

Here is a look at the top five most active angel groups from total deals made.

1. Tech Coast Angels – Southern CA
2. Band of Angels – Menlo Park, CA
3. Golden Seeds – CA, MA, NY
4. Central Texas Angel Network – Austin, TX
5. Launchpad Venture Group – Boston, MA