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The Power of Positive Word of Mouth Marketing Recommendations

The Power of Positive Word of Mouth Marketing Recommendations

The Science to Word of Mouth Marketing

If you are wanting to market to the masses, than understanding the science behind word of mouth marketing will help you get your brand name out there. Word of mouth marketing is directed towards a message traveling from consumer to consumer without gaining a financial incentive but rather marketing through social media communities to create a buzz about their name.

Why would someone invest in word of mouth marketing?
Over 500 Billion brand impressions occur each year that are generated by word of mouth sharing as a result of social campaigns. Understanding the root of your own sex, culture, and locality will help influence others to react to work of mouth marketing tactics.

Factors that Influence Your Product

There are multiple factors involved with how a mature and developing market works when a product can generate influence in word of mouth campaigns.

Developing Markets
– Stage One: This stage begins with initial consideration. Word of mouth marketing tends to show greater influence over advertising and the previous usage in the market.

– Stage Two: The active evaluation phrase shows word of mouth marketing leading in effectiveness over advertising and previous usage of the brand.

– Stage Three: By the time the moment of purchase occurs, word of mouth marketing shows a greater significance of influence over traditional advertising methods with previous usage of the brand actually declining over time.

Mature Markets
– Stage One: This stage starts with the initial consideration of advertising taking prominence over word of mouth marketing. Previous usage gains secondary significance as this market is already established. Creating buzz with word of mouth is at its lowest.

– Stage Two: The active evaluation phase shows that internet information provided and shopping take prominence with a slight gain for word of mouth marketing efforts.

– Stage Three: By the time it gets to the moment of purchase, internet information obtained takes a skating rise. Word of mouth marketing methods actually decline by half and show a lot less significance.

Start a Word of Mouth Marketing Campaign

In order to begin marketing yourself by word of mouth, there are three methods to consider before opening up a communication line with your potential consumers. The largest and most powerful venue for word of mouth campaigns to behind is on social communities online. Maintaining constant connectivity and ongoing conversations can enable users to spread their thoughts about the products and services they use every day and helps to build your brand’s reputation.

Experimental: This form of campaign occurs from dialog resulting from a consumer’s direct experience using a product or service. This most common and influential form accounts for 50-80% of word of mouth activity.

Consequential: This form is based on discussions as a result of brands marketing activity. When a consumer relays the message in traditional advertising, it can often carry more weight than the ad itself from the resulting communication line that becomes opened.

Intentional: Soliciting an influencer such as a celebrity of top blogger to speak on behalf of the brand is someone’s the least effective of the methods and less commonly used as well.

How to Make Your Efforts Successful

Here is a listing of three easy steps to follow when trying to make your word of mouth marketing efforts successful.

1. Contact Key Influencers – Your biggest influencer will be the average consumer since they have gained trust with their friends and family. Secondly, mass influences can account for 80% of all influence impressions made about products. Lastly, social broadcasters tend to influence the smallest majority of users.

2. Target Relevant Social Channels – Facebook and Myspace tend to take the share of impressions made on relevant social channels followed by Twitter and LinkedIn. When it comes to sharing posts, ratings/reviews sites and discussion forums tend to take more than half of viable avenues to consider when targeting your networks. Blog comments and blog posts combined take up the other half of the pie.

3. Communicate Clear and Shareable Messages – If you want it shared, keep it clear and easy to communicate and relay your brand message.

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