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Top Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs

Top Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs

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5 Top Reasons Why Companies Lose Employees

Losing employees can become a costly habit. To better your own workplace, read down the list of the top five reasons why employees leave.

1. Boss is a Jerk

The number one reason why companies see employees walk out the door is over jerky bosses. No one wants to work with a nasty, miserable, or aggressive individual. 31% of respondents reported that their boss has been giving them the silent treatment in the past year.

2. Lack of Empowerment

Having a boring job where you are expected to keep your head down and butt up does not help anyone. Individuals want to influence decisions, make choices, solve problems, and make an impact. 31% of respondents want to have more responsibility at work. Therefore, provide your employees with a source of empowerment.

3. Internal Politics

Internal politics do nothing towards allowing qualified individuals to climb the corporate ladder. Unless value is seen, candidates will leave. Only 35% of respondents believe their companies are good or effective at managing advancement. That leaves a whole lot of room for other companies that are failing and suffering from office politics.

4. Recognition

Everyone believes they work too hard and do not get paid enough. An easy job well done, free lunch, or a pat on the back goes a long way with keeping people engaged and motivated. Over 40% of middle managers feel as if they are doing all the work but not seeing credit given for it.

5. Company is Going Under

If a company is seen as going under, nobody wants to be the last man standing. Employees can feel the strain and hear panic from leaders in a low performing company. When one person jumps ship, others will follow. Only those invested monetarily will wait around. 23% of people said they are looking for a job elsewhere that is currently in this situation.

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