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Visual Guide to the 2013 Dodge Viper SRT 10 Specs


2013 SRT Viper: Close Look at Its New Features and Functions

Before the release of 2013 SRT Viper, Viper has been a popular race car brand that was presented as a concept at first during 1989. In the year 1992, the first generation of the Viper arrives. Its unique design and impressive concept includes no roof and side windows. It is a brand famous for its original features such as 2-seat design, its light body weight and striking built and look. By 1996, the 2nd generation of the viper was released. This generation was made with providing more power but has less weight. It is a coupe version that many people love because of its versatility and power capacity.


In 1997, Viper had its first ever race and won the FIA GT2. The following years that would start from 1998 till 2000, were the ones when GT1 Viper GTS-R won on several races. As of 2003, the most awaited 3rd generation of the Viper arrive bringing extra power and an angular styling that is much better than early generations. On the 4th generation released in 2009, 600 hp of extra power was promised to be given by the new version. Striking wing and more upgrades were done with the Viper ACR as it was released to the public in 2009, and by 2011, the Viper ACR-X was built purposely for the Viper Cup Series.

Improved Features

Now, the 5th generation, 2013 SRT Viper is released and designed with all of the best features that any racer wants for their race car. With this latest version from Viper, its weight is designed to have a 45kg difference from its predecessor and has a torque output that is highest than any standard output used on any sports car. During its early stages, the SLS AMG co-developed this new generation under DaimlerChrysler.

Traction Control

This is the first in the history of Viper race cars to have a traction control feature that is sure to make race car drivers overwhelmed of its design. The gear ratios are designed to be shorter that its predecessor’s design. Unlike its predecessor, its chassis as a huge X-brace placed across it to make it 50% stiffer. It can provide a total of 640 horsepower at 6,150rpm is expected from the latest generation and at least 3.7 seconds within 62 mph and a top speed of 208 mph.


When talking about its exterior, 2013 SRT Viper is sure to be second to none. It is designed with LED lighting, roof, clamshell hood and air diffuser are made from carbon fiber and V10 is lighter and is made from aluminium. The race car is designed with Brembo brakes, alloy wheels are forged and tires used are Pirelli P Zero brands. It is equipped with exit exhaust on the side and a Tremec TR6060 6-speed manual gearbox.

Interior Details and Space

Interior details and space is as overwhelming as the exterior since it is equipped with TFT display, touchscreen display, adjustable pedals and a sound system from Harmon Kardon that are higher quality than previous versions. Racers will also enjoy the Viper logo that would appear from the rev-counter the 6,200 rpm is hit and animated Viper burning its way off in a distance as the traction control is turned off. All of these features any racer can experience with the latest 2013 SRT Viper.

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