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Step-by-Step Content Marketing Plan Template


3 Phases of Acquiring Customers for Your Startup

If you want to acquire as much customers as you want for your startup, it is best that you learn the 3 phases or guide on how to acquire customers for your startup that you should go through. With using these 3 phases you will learn how you can get your target customers in time and never have to worry about how you can attract the attention of other potential customers that you may have.

Get Started with the 1st Phase

To start the guide on how to acquire customers for your startup in the 1st phase, all the preparation and developing of strategies would fall as you decide to begin the process. In this phase, you should start developing a marketing strategy for your content, start establishing a baseline, setting goals, preparing lists of keywords and topics and begin the process of creating contents.

The next step in this phase is to begin your media connections through PR. Start creating a list of your objectives and your baseline and goals with any news you want to talk about. Developing strategies for a successful PR release and a positioning for the go-to-market is also essential. Last step in phase 1 is starting to build relationships through social media. Make a list of people or brands that can influence your potential clients of choosing your company. This is the point when you start building relationships and promoting your content.

Continue with the 2nd Phase

You should keep your contents in a timely manner. The ideas should be targeting your customers and are thought-provoking, as well. Make sure that you are able to track the results and do some modifications, if needed. You can start refining keywords and make it possible to create contents that can be contributed to publications in the 3rd party.

Next thing that you should do is to plan for your major media push, start using press releases and photos on your upcoming news and create unforgettable media frenzy as you launch your company. Strengthen your relationships as you start connecting with influencers you have listed. Push your content on aggregation sites and be active on replying or interacting with social feeds.

Strengthen on the 3rd Phase

For the 3rd and last phase, add up visual contents such as videos and infographics. Improve the creativity of contents and optimize it regularly. Keep tracking the results and make modifications whenever it is needed. It is best that you keep your audience updated with whatever is new with your company. Make it possible to make your media outreach consistent and emphasized on key events, latest news in the industry or your chosen niche. This will keep people’s interest on your company.

Since more people are engaged with social sites, never forget to update your social accounts through increased promotion and interaction with your audiences’ feeds. You can also make use of social sites of promoting some of your contents and make your business more known to people.
As you do the 3 guide on how to acquire customers for your startup and update the content of your site continuously, you are assured that you can keep the interest of people on your site and even attract new people to visit it. Just make sure that you are able to strengthen your relationship with your repeat visitors, this is to build a solid relationship with people who already know your business.

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