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Jobs and Careers for ESFJ Personality Profile

Jobs and Careers for ESFJ Personality Profile

Spending time with others is the happiness that fills the life of an ESFJ personality type. This group is fun, sympathetic and loyal. They will be the first to help a friend or co-worked in need and will sacrifice their own happiness for others. While they are organization masters, they normally seek the approval of others to feel as if they are doing a good job. This organization-minded group will like to take charge and ensure schedules are adhered to. While some are simply too caring, others make the ideal managers. The jobs they have open to them are vast and span several different fields.

Child Care

Dealing with children takes a sympathetic nature and a lot of creativity. The person with an ESFJ personality will organize fun tasks and do anything they can to make a child fit in. Their caring attitude is ideal for this line of work and they also do very well with leading. This is the perfect mix of traits for anyone tasked with caring for children.


The doctor that is successful needs one thing to push them forward – a caring attitude. This is the essence of this personality and they will do anything to help a patient. While neglecting their own happiness can leave them with patients day and night, being well organized often keeps the urge to work extra shifts at bay. Leading teams of doctors is a breeze and they are often welcomed leaders because of their friendly attitude.


On the same page as a doctor, a nurse is going to need to be extremely organized which is something an ESFJ will be comfortable doing. Approval is often given with successful patient diagnoses and quick healing. Being naturally happy, these nurses are able to put the day’s troubles behind them as they will be able to realize that they have done all that they could do. Being good with schedules means medications are always administered on time and adequately.


The ideal teacher is not only friendly, but willing to give their all to make another happy. With the self-sacrificing nature of this profile, it is possible to excel in a teaching profession. Being an organized leader ensures that students are always given the proper workload and that the teacher is able to get their students to understand the course material. Being friendly ensures these teachers are welcomed into every classroom.

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